Believe • Create • Inspire
Salvatore Manzi
photo by Siddiqi Ray

Believe • Create • Inspire

I believe that we are continually reinventing ourselves, especially as we follow our passions and pursue what our hearts’ desire. Having experienced many such transitions, I believe in being of genuine support to you in creating the life you’ve always wanted to life.

Through a lifetime of travels around the globe where I’ve immersed myself in cultures and  careers and relationships, I discovered that the landscape I am most meant to explore is the one within. I’ve learned invaluable lessons from master teachers, as well as my own expansive inward and outward journeys into thoughtful and innovative life practices.

Explore a multi-faceted way to create the life of your dreams

My goal is alignment. We align your internal world through Integration Coaching, creating a purpose-driven life of authenticity and joy. We align your external world through Energizing Spaces, redesigning your space to align with your intentions, which in turn will propel you towards your ideal life. 

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My endeavors have always revolved around helping people feel great about their lives.

Discover how to live a life true to you

My client’s success is my joy. By getting to know the needs of each individual and sharing unique perspectives cultivated from lessons I’ve experienced  firsthand, I am readily available to help you live the life you want — and I believe – absolutely have the potential to create. 

International Speaker & Workshop Facilitator
International Speaker & Workshop Facilitator


I provide a very hands-on and interactive approach tailored to each individual.  My vision is to provide the space (both literally and figuratively) to foster genuine connection to self so you can explore, experiment and reinvent yourself with ease. 

I hope to get to know you soon, too. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me, as well.


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Home & Office Consultations in Person & via Skype
Home & Office Consultations in Person & via Skype


A Few Highlights 

Life Experience: Salvatore Manzi has studied how our environment impacts our life for more than 25 years. He’s moved 75 times across 3 continents and 14 cities and has a firsthand understanding of how our space impacts us, and how beliefs and patterns shape the direction of our life.

Published Author:  Salvatore wrote the book, Feng Shui Life Mapping: Master the Art of Designing Your Future, in which he shares his unique approach to setting and accomplishing goals through the use of a Life Map, a combination of Creative VisualizationFeng Shui and Vision Boarding.

Workbook & Feng Shui Guide - Feng Shui Life Mapping
Feng Shui & Vision Board Workbook: Feng Shui Life Mapping

Professional Speaker: Continually invited to present at an array events, Salvatore enjoys sharing his practice through key note address, workshops, and seminars.


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