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Activate Abundance

Feng Shui Tips to Activate Abundance

Spring – just the word brings on feelings of hope! Everything starts to come to life and bloom and excite. While people are always eager to to know how they can invite more abundance in to their lives, Spring is a time when we feel the need to kick-start the motor and get things going. So with Spring in full swing…


Five Feng Shui tips to Activate the flow of Abundance in your life:

  1. Clean! The idea of Spring Cleaning is to break off the crusty old layer of crud that’s gathered. Like a big stretch first thing in the morning, give everything in your home a good once-over so it can wake up and start fresh. Literally, touch everything and show it love!
  2. Fix! Items that are damaged do not give us the same refreshed and joyous feeling that they gave when they were whole. Wherever possible, fix or repair the damage and when necessary, allow these items to move on and move out of your space.
  3. De-Clutter! A big one in Feng Shui, and the reason being is that when you create space, you create flexility and room for growth. The big three in defining clutter are if it is: Unused, Unloved, or Unfinished
    1. Unfinished – projects that go unfinished create an energetic drag and keep you from devoting energy to more meaningful pursuits. Decide to finish the project or decide you’re not going to do it, either way, you’ll liberate more energy for abundance!
    2. Unused – everything in your space is sending conscious and unconscious messages (memories, reminders…) and so any items not being used will lead to overload and weigh down your energy and energy flowing through your life! I’m not saying you have to be a monk, but if you are truly not using something, send it off to someone that will. (try!)
    3. Unloved – some unused objects or damaged objects create such a stir of good happy feelings, whether for the memories they invoke, or what they represent, that there is good reason to keep them. But if you have something in your space that you don’t truly love, there is no reason to keep it it in your space! Give yourself permission to surround yourself with love!
  4. Add Light: Light is a powerful energizer, both natural and artificial. You can increase abundance in your life by increasing the light that shines in it!!! Simple ways to do so are to open the curtains and blinds, put lamps and other lights on auto settings so you come home to a lighted home, add full spectrum bulbs, and even have a night light that creates a warm glow in the evening.
  5. Inspiring Space: The first thing you see when you enter your home and the first thing you see when you wake up need to be things that inspire you and enliven you! Spring is a good time to change around the artwork and add fresh plants and flowers to a space so that upon entering, you feel energetically uplifted… and abundant!

Abundance is as much as state of mind as it is a part of life. Trigger the flow of abundance in your life today whether by grand gestures such as these tips or simply by experiencing the fullness of each breath!

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“You will be pleased!” – Marcella R

“You will be pleased!” – Marcella R

Marcella R:

Salvatore is amazing. We just rented a new space and were trying to figure how to make the most use with it. Salvatore is wonderfully balanced addressing the practical components while taking in our desires and inspirations. It was great to see the two needs being blended.  We are so happy we had his consultation. I highly recommend that you work with him for your home and office. You will be pleased!!!!!

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