7 Feng Shui Power Tips for Spring

Spring FlowersAs Spring begins to bloom, our hearts begin to ache for something new, something bigger, something bolder, something more us that defines who we really are and sets the course for the rest of the year. 

Desire is the presentiment of our inner abilities, 
and the forerunner of our ultimate accomplishments.” 
– Goethe 

Your innate talents are calling! Now is the time to leap into the new you! 


Letting Go & Clearing

The first step to creating any shift is to release stuck energies holding you in place. Much like the rains of Spring wash away the decay of Winter, this is the time for an energy detox: both physical and emotional. In the name of Spring Cleaning, add in some of these tips to energetically liberate your destiny: 


Spring Feng Shui Energy Detox

  • Walk in Nature – Movement of any kind is going to be helpful now, especially when done in nature. Warm up the joints and muscles and break out of the lethargy of the winter’s hibernation. Taking a walk in nature, far from civilization (and without your phone!!!) will allow your body’s natural rhythms to reset and recalibrate to the shift in the energies of the season. 
  • Closet Clearing – As the season brings a change in your wardrobe, set aside a few hours to change up your closet. While shifting your winter clothes to the back, or into boxes for storage, pull out items you haven’t worn in the last year and donate them. A stuffed closet or bureau is a sure indicator that there isn’t room in your life for something new – even a new lover! Create space for the new. More about your closet Feng Shui…
  • Below the Bed – The energetic effects of items placed under your bed cannot be underestimated. You are laying on top of an energetic foundation – absorbing everything! Spring is a great time to clear out anything under there. If you absolutely must use the area for storage, let it only be for items related to bedding or winter clothes. More about bed Feng Shui…
  • Elegant Entryway – Energy comes into your space, and metaphorically into your life, through your front door. Imagine your entryway as a walk on the red carpet experience. Clean away the residue of winter, give a refresh to your door mat, hang some chimes, place a new plant, and for 9 days straight use only your front door to go in and out of your house to strengthen the energy coming in to feed you. More about your Entryway Feng Shui…
  • Clear Communication – Take a moment to delete all old texts, voice mails and emails. Holding on to old messages is holding on to old energies, and potentially old arguments and misunderstandings. Open up to new levels of relations by deleting and clearing any stored communications on your devices. 
  • Kitchen Health – Anything you do to clean your kitchen will impact your health. If you’re wanting to lose the winter weight or get over the winter blues, clean out the refrigerator and cupboards. Toss out expired foods or unused left-overs and wipe down the entirety of the inside.
  • Bold Bathroom – The bathroom is the place we go to take care of ourselves, and thus represents self-care. Take some time to clear out the under the sink cabinets and scrub down the tile and grout.  Energetically this creates the time and space for our self-care to happen naturally and effortlessly. In need of some self-care… start with your bathroom. 


Feng Shui Ritual

Rituals are always wonderful ways to mark a transition. A wonderful Springtime Feng Shui ritual is to clean your house thoroughly and then open all the doors and window and even the cupboard and drawers for an hour


Your Springtime Reinvention

Ready to unleash your talents and reinvent yourself? If you’ve been feeling stuck, or sense a transition is coming, I’d like to invite you to take advantage of my complimentary Springtime Reinvention Life Coaching Session

Together, in a safe space free where you can let down your mask, we can take a moment to listen to the still small voice inside of you calling for you to be boldly you today. 

Schedule some talk time with me today and we’ll ignite your path to reinvention.


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