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TV Killed Your Love Life

Bring a TV into your bedroom and you’re likely to be celibate!

Everything about your bedroom is reflecting some aspect of your relationship life. This is the reason to keep things in pairs (two nightstands, two lamps, etc.) It’s also why we keep clutter out and remove mementos from an ex or anything that would be an outside influence on our intimate relationships.

Nothing kills intimacy like a TV in the bedroom.


Big Black Eye

Let’s look at some of the obvious negative factors of a TV in the bedroom:

  • EMFs – All those electromagnetic waves are bombarding you, playing games with your biorhythms and throwing off sleep – even when the TV is off but plugged in.
  • Yang active energy – rather than promoting rest and sleep, a TV promotes active energy turning a peaceful bedroom into a war zone.
  • Brainwash – TV programing and even movies bombard us with how a relationship is “supposed” be. It’s hard to appreciate and build on what we have when we’re focused on what “others” have.

Feng Shui No-No!

A TV in the bedroom introduces some challenging energies to your relationship in terms of the Feng Shui.

  • Mirror – a TV across from a bed becomes a mirror – might as well just set your partner up on a date with someone else. See my article on mirrors in the bedroom for more.
  • Black Hole – When it is off, it becomes a giant black hole sucking up all your good energy.
  • Distraction – anything in the bedroom has an influence on your relationship, things such as TVs, exercise equipment and desks/computers all distract from you union.


If you absolutely can’t give up the TV in the bedroom, and before you need to spend the money on couple’s therapy, hide the TV inside an armoire or in the closet, or at least cover it when not in use with a cloth.

Staying in a hotel? Get a towel and cover that baby up!


Do you want a relationship with your partner or a relationship with your TV?

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