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The Right Side of the Bed


Of all the places to explore the possibilities of Feng Shui in your home, the bed is probably the best. This is where you rest and rejuvenate and without a good night’s sleep, you won’t have the energy nor faculties to face a new day. And since options abound in bed styles, finding the right one for you, for your energy, for your needs is essential.


Wood v. Metal – The Feng Shui of things!

Metal v. Wood frame and headboard material… the big question! Wood energy allows for grounding while metal energy allows for pooling of energy. While most everyone can benefit from grounding their energy, some (particularly those who are constantly giving energy to others in a service industry) may find the pooling quality of the metal bed more restorative.


Headboard Feng Shui

The headboard represents and promotes stability in life, and being directly above your head, it will greatly influence your ability to sleep and restore during your sleep. A solid headboard is best, those with slates or bars do not offer the same stability. If you do not have a headboard, keep the head of the bed against a solid wall to act as your headboard and create the needed stability.

The shape and color and design you choose is highly personal… In Feng Shui, we use the five element theory to assist with such choices.

    • Earth: Yellows/Earth tones or square headboards and designs represent earth and the energy of a supportive mother safely holding a child.
    • Metal: White or round headboards and designs represent metal energy, which assists in pooling energy. Metal energy enhances your ability to organize (your thoughts and life), giving more room to make new connections/associations/insights.
    • Water: Black and dark colors as well as wave headboards and designs represent water energy. Water enhances ones’ unconscious abilities leading to greater creativity and the peaceful tranquility of deep blue water.
    • Wood: Greens and rectangular headboards and designs represent wood energy and its ability to both ground like the roots of a tree as well as spring up to create new endeavors in life.
    • Fire: Red colors or angular headboards and designs with triangles/pyramids represent fire energy and are counter-productive to sleep and may lead to “flare” ups between partners. Probably not ideal!

A few things to avoid: crosses or sharp elements. Crosses in a headboard can give it a tomb like feeling. And pointing or sharp elements in a headboard will lead to feeling poked throughout the night.


Footboard Feng Shui

Essentially, the footboard should not be higher than the mattress so as to ensure healthy energy flow. Sleigh Beds present a problem here, but can be cured by raising the mattress. Additionally, having a dresser or other object that stands taller than the mattress at the foot of the bed will block the energy flow.


Mattresses & Other Anomalies:

A mattress size that is comfortable in length and width is important. And as nice as they are, King Size mattresses can present a challenge as they are usually sitting on top of two twin sized box springs, effectively creating two separate beds and energetically separating partners. Cure this by placing a solid red sheet between the mattress and the box-springs so that the two twin box springs effectively become one.

Sleeping with anything over your head is not ideal and for this reason, canopy beds and bunk beds present challenges. The person in the bottom bunk will be limited and the person in the top will be “barred” in by the mattress holding sides of the bunk bed. And then there’s the four-poster bed – so throne like and beautiful, but it’s posts create cutting energy across the bed – if you do decide on a four-poster bed, definitely choose one with rounded posts instead of square to mitigate the cutting energy.


The Feng Shui Positioning your Bed:

Almost as important as your bed itself is how you position it in your bedroom. A few tips to keep your bed in good health:

  1. Have the head against a solid wall. The more solid the wall it sits against, the more stable your entire life will be. Under a window will result in your energy and potentially your partner going right out the window!
  2. Be able to view the entrance to the room while lying down and without turning your head. Your unconscious will not fully rest if it has to constantly be looking around to ensure no one is coming in the door.
  3. Avoid placing the bed under a beam or track lighting as this energetically cuts the bed and will likely lead to physical problems at the point on your body where the beam crosses the bed.
  4. Keep the bed out of the “mouth of chi” – this is the flow of energy that comes through a doorway. Stand in the doorway and look at your bed, if any part of the bed is within that path, it will relate to that part of the body adversely affected by the energy of the door. And if the bed is divided in two by the path of chi, it will divide the partners sharing the bed.
  5. Avoid the coffin position! This is when your feet point out the door while you sleep.
  6. It is best not to have the headboard up against the same wall opposite a toilet or bath. If this is unavoidable, place a mirror with the reflective side facing the wall behind the headboard so that it reflects back towards the toilet.
  7. It’s not healthy to sleep under a ceiling fan as the blades cut your energy field continuously throughout the night. Turn the fan off at night and/or hang a crystal faceted sphere from the fan to disperse the cutting energy.
  8. And avoid mirrors that reflect back onto the bed… I wrote a whole article on this a while back: Feng Shui, Bedroom Mirrors and the Boogieman… 🙂


Do you wake up refreshed and well-rested? Perhaps your bed is not living up to its Feng Shui potential!  The design, style and type of bed you choose has to be in synch with your energy and your energetic needs. If you’d like a consultation of your bedroom, give me a call… I love to help you get your Feng Shui on!

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“He spent time getting to know me” – Rachel F.

“He spent time getting to know me” – Rachel F.

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