You are Bound to be Successful!

All the energies of the universe are conspiring 
to assist you in realizing your dreams.”

 There has never been a more powerful time for you to set your intentions and launch on a path to realize your aspirations.

At a foundational level, your space is either going to support you, or it will work to hold you back. Absolutely everything in your environment is either reinforcing your intention and lifting you like a kite reaching higher and higher… or it is weighing you down like an anchor stuck in the mire at the bottom of the sea.

As you walk into your space, you’re not just seeing a lamp, a couch, a photo… you are absorbing a sonic wave of physical vibrations with links to memories and feelings. The lamp evokes memories of the friend who gave it to you as a house warming gift, the couch evokes feelings from the last time you cuddled with your lover watching a movie, the photo transports you to that blissful moment you were in when you captured the image…

Everything in your space is sending conscious and unconscious reminders of:

  • Who you were
  • Who you are, and
  • Who you will become… … and so, with that in mind…


Three Feng Shui Tips to Creating a Success-Bound Space:

Take a moment to survey your space, and ask yourself, “Is this who I am anymore?”, “Is this who I want to be?” Making small changes – from eliminating objects to painting to moving furniture – will have a dramatic impact on how you feel about yourself and your life.

The rule of thumb is that if you do not really love it, it is not sending vibrations of love back to you and therefore is not lifting you up and moving you forward, but is more likely to be weighing you down.

Try these three tips and kick-start your success, look them over, and then pick one to go deeper and really create a surge of new life… You are bound to be successful… bound to be…

1: Front Entrance

Your front entrance dramatically sets the stage to invite or repel the energies of life. Ideally, the entrance is easily accessible without being too exposed. It should be clean and clear of anything dead (plants) or broken. The three musts are that it absolutely must have a welcome mat, a doorbell (or door knocker) and the address visible from a distance. And then as you walk into the home, the first thing you see will set the mood for the energy coming into the house, choose selectively!  For more tips on your entrance, check out my Second’s Glance article.

2: Clean your Desk

Your desk is your command post for building your career and life path. Ensure that the desktop is free from clutter, doesn’t have anything broken/dead on it (such as a souvenir pen that doesn’t work anymore). A sturdy desk is a must – no broken drawers or knobs. And avoid placing your trashbin under the desk or risk turning your desktop into a black hole vortex! To really create a powerful office and desk, check out my 27 Tips for your Business.

3: Change Your Clothes

Color, fabric and fit all emit profound vibrational energies that impact the way you feel and the way you move through the day. This is the time to donate any clothes that are worn out or represents the “old” you. Time to move forward into your new life, and that might include buying a few new pieces to make you feel good about yourself when you go out.  Transform your wardrobe with tips from my article on Closet and Clothes.

Bonus: Feng Shui Life Map

The New Year is perhaps the best time for you to create you new Feng Shui Life Map. The technique combines the ancient art of Feng Shui with the power of Vision Boarding.

Begin by setting your intention and goals in all nine-life areas of the bagua, and then create a Vision Board on top of the bagua to build a Life Map… a blueprint for redesigning your space into a supportive environment that no only reinforces your intentions, but powerfully propels you towards the life you dream of living.

Find out more about Feng Shui Life Mapping here.


Wishing for all being, everywhere, to be happy, harmonious and peaceful.