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Gratitude Bowl

bowlIgnite Abundance with a Feng Shui Gratitude Bowl!

“You are an infinite being living in an infinite universe!”

In Gregg Braden’s book, The Isaiah Effect, he goes into great length on how the ancients learned the power of prayer. The key is to begin with gratitude for all that is, and all that has come to pass. And from that place, and recognizing that all things are possible, choose the outcome you desire, and blend your thoughts and feelings of that experience with gratitude such that your prayer, rather than being a request, becomes a prayer of thanks.

In Feng Shui, we take this practice into the written form creating a external reality that reflects our gratitude and our desires. One of the simplest ways to do this is with a Gratitude Bowl.

The Feng Shui Gratitude Bowl Practice:

1. Select a beautiful bowl! Typically, in Feng Shui we use a bowl that has a smaller lip than the belly of the bowl called a Yu-Bowl, but for this exercise, you can use any bowl that you desire, with or without a lid.

2. Gather strips of paper – either of all the same color or of many colors – and select a special pen to use just for this exercise.

3. Place the bowl, paper and pen near the entrance of your home.

4. For ONE WEEK, each time you (and each person in your home) walks by the bowl, write one gratitude statement on a piece of paper and place it in the bowl.

a. It can be a straight forward thank you: i.e. “Thank you for my job!”

b. It can be a thank you for something in the future: i.e. “Thank you for bringing me a new job!”

c. It can be a thank you for something you want to avoid: i.e. if you wish to avoid losing your job, “Thank you for job security!”

5. At the end of one week, take all the strips of paper, as a group, with laughter and smiles of gratitude, and burn them in the fireplace or bury them in the back yard or add water to them and give them to the compost pile.

The Big Secret

The success of this exercise depends solely on your feelings while doing the exercise! The more gratitude, happiness, peace and joy you fill you heart with while writing the notes and end of week exercise, the greater the magnetic attraction.

And in the end, remember that what happens on the most minute scale is happening in the cosmos… the seeds you are planting may take time to bloom as your life changes course to allow that which you desire into it.


Wishing you a life of unlimited success, love and prosperity!


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Highly, Highly recommend him! Don’t wait another minute!” – Brigette

Highly, Highly recommend him! Don’t wait another minute!” – Brigette

Brigette T:

I have been wanting to manifest some positive, significant change into my life and it was recommended to me that I try a feng shui consultant. A good friend referred me to Salvatore and it turned out to be one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had working with someone. He spent several hours at my home, first getting to know me and where I’ve come from and then about who I’m striving to be and what I would like to manifest in my life. Then we walked through the apartment room by room and he detailed out what I should change, remove, and add to bring about the changes I want to realize. It was a really transformative experience and I was on a major high for quite awhile afterwards.

I’m six weeks into the experience and I’ve made a lot of the suggested changes already and feel that they’ve made a definite impact. I can actually feel that my magnetism has shifted and I’m attracting more of what I want into my life. It’s kind of overwhelming how quickly it happens! I’ll be continuing to make more changes in the next six weeks to try to implement all of his suggestions because it has been so immensely powerful. I would be crazy not to!!

Overall, it has raised my consciousness and the respect I have towards my living environment. I had never really thought about how each object in your home carries meaning and feeling in it and it either supports the vision you’re trying to achieve or it detracts from it. I’m seeing him again in a couple weeks for a check in and I intend to continue to work with him as a healer for the years to come.

Salvatore is a kind, intuitive, funny, brilliant, compassionate man. He is doing EXACTLY what he should be doing with his life. I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend him!!!! Don’t wait another minute! Act!

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