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Is Your Business Thriving?



Businesses thrive when their team and leaders are aligned with each other and their mission. Take your organization from “business as usual” to strategically moving forward with great momentum!

A business consultation will energize your team and office to improve morale, boost collaboration, and increase your bottom line.

Your business can’t grow if your team doesn’t grow with it! 

Today’s changing work environment has both new conditions and opportunities. With over 15 years experience working with small business owners, entrepreneurs and executives, Salvatore offers simple and quick suggestions that will expand your reach and revenue.


“It was super valuable how Salvatore spent just a few minutes
with each of the staff and was able to provide an objective review of
how the team is working and practical steps for development.”

“We outgrew our space and Salvatore helped us

plan how to split the team in our expansion to our second location.”
“As a small start-up with unexpected success, we needed Salvatore’s expertise in
planning for the new hires while effectively utilizing our talented staff.
Salvatore’s planning and management
allowed us to focus on our work and continue to grow.”


What to expect:

Patterns shape our lives! Always good to be in !A Business Consultation begins with a 30 minute assessment with the office leader.

After reviewing the overall team, function and space, Salvatore can conduct brief interviews with each of the team members to assess what works for them as a whole and individually.

Next, we analyze work-flow and team collaboration and needs. Finally, a comprehensive review of how the office is working and can be improved is discussed along with strategies to implement and drive the business forward.



You don’t have time, I do!

When you’re ready to transform your business from “moving along” to “thriving”, give a call. I’m looking forward to support you.



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