How to Cuddle with your Cactus

A few years back, I began volunteering at the SF Botanical Gardens and was randomly assigned to help weed the Cactus garden. So began what I lovingly call my free weekly, four-hour, acupuncture session!

Cactus have character! And placing one in your home requires care! Recently a client asked me where would be a good place to put her cactus, and I thought I’d pass on the essentials around cactus and living space.


Mind the Spikes!

Cactus needles provide a natural protective energy, demanding respect, but if in the wrong place, they can poke a person inadvertently both physically and emotionally.


Feng Shui Placement of your Cacti

The “Fame & Aspiration” quadrant of your home, room or property, is the ideal place for cactus as this is the area associated with projecting the image you wish to be known for in the world, and the cacti “protect” your reputation energetically when placed here. The Fame and Aspiration is the area directly across from the entrance, the center of the far side of the room, or the far side of your home as a whole, or even the far side of property as a whole.


Avoid placing a cactus in:

  • Front door or entryways – unless you are deliberately trying to protect yourself from neighbors or unpleasantries just outside your door, you want to keep all cactus far from the front door and entryway so as to allow and invite as much fresh and life-giving energy into your home and life.
  • Bedrooms – cactus in the bedroom will lead to feeling “pricked,” as its a space meant to foster openness, and letting down walls and creating intimacy… mmmm, it’s probably not a good place for cacti!
  • Dining Rooms – As the dining room is a space you want to encourage people to share and be familial, it is best to avoid sharp tips poking into everyone, which may lead to people unconsciously feeling like someone else at the table is saying or doing something to nab and nudge them.
  • Office – You don’t want to have cactus in your office or the waiting room of your office as it will poke your potential clients and business partners coming in to do business with you.
  • Kitchen – How you feel when you prepare your food gets cooked into the food! So if you are surrounded by cacti, you may feel continuously stabbed and perhaps agitated while cooking, which would lead to the food tasting, well, in a word, “bitter.”


Rubber Tree Feng Shui

Succulents and Cacti do have benefits energetically and aesthetically. I especially like the sense of survival they project, reminding us we too are capable of surviving. One way to please your cactus-passion in your home is to have the succulents and cacti that do not have spikes or thorns, such as the rubber tree… such fun the rubber tree! Every time I pass one, I can’t resist the urge to go and mess with it as if it were some little dog!

Wherever you decide to place your cuddle cactus, keep in mind that healthy plants give healthy energy, so sing, water and sun your friends as much as yours and their hearts desire!