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Integration Coaching for Business Leaders

If I could recommend anyone for assisting in life change it would be Salvatore.” – Nancy V.

Salvatore has owned and managed 6 successful businesses and managed employee teams of 5-50. He’s assisted over 20 entrepreneurs in starting their business, dozens of small business owners and executives in strategically growing their businesses, and 100’s of professionals in developing goals and action plans to achieve more while doing less work.

His passion for personal development and leadership leads him to regularly facilitate diversity and inclusion trainings for groups of 5-30, assist with the planning, coordination and presenting of 100-person, 3-day workshops, and host private and public goal-setting seminars and workshops.

As a Business Consultant, Salvatore brings expertise in:

  1. Business strategy from start up to level-up
  2. Human capital development, evaluation and management
  3. Business Development from leads to launch
  4. Corporate culture and individual / team morale
  5. Brand management
  6. Creating truly inclusive environments
  7. Professional skills and inter-personal development

As a coach, Salvatore brings a life-time of mindfulness training, over 25 years of personal development coursework, education and study, a conscious awareness of the human capacity to make anything happen, and a strong belief that “Whatever you can imagine, you can create.”

Business Coaching Sessions

The inexplicable happens when you commit to the first step. You will witness life uncannily lining up to assist you. Integration Coaching is a partnership. I’ll support you by creating the space for you to explore your challenges and possibilities, strategize an achievable plan, and partner with you in making shifts towards the very best leader and manager you are capable of being.

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My Mindfulness Wake Up Call

I’m an explorer. After college, I began traveling around the world in search of something. I lived in 9 cities in 4 countries in 10 years. I’d move to a new place and after a few months leave again, searching for nirvana or utopia and not finding it. Then one night I caught my reflection.

It was around midnight in Paris, I’d been locked out of my hostel having arrived too late, and so I began an all-night vigil doing laps around the small island of Ile Saint-Louis in the heart of Paris while contemplating my life. In a moment of insight, as clear as the full moon reflecting off the River Seine beneath the Notre Dame, it hit me:

I’d been trying to change the world around me
in hopes of finding happiness.
But, if I wish to improve my life,
I need to focus on changing me,
not the reflection of me that life keeps offering.

From that point, and for the past 20 years, I’ve been passionately developing a toolbox to life and personal development. I’ve trained with masters and spiritual teachers, completed countless courses and programs, and developed leadership and facilitation skills through my involvement with organizations from the Sierra Club to The Mankind Project.

For the past 15 years, I have helped people redesign their reality through coaching. I help people break out of their self-limiting ruts, both literally and figuratively. I create a world of empowered individuals and help them design and execute strategies for creating a better life altogether, and especially in relationships, finding one’s purpose, and navigating life’s transitions.

The unexamined life is not worth living.” – Goethe

If you’re feeling the desire to go from good to great, to live life authentically while confidently growing in the direction of your dreams, I’d like to partner with you. We’ll integrate the facets of your life, eliminate real and perceived obstacles, so you can begin living life to the full potential you know you were born to live. 

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Salvatore ManziI endeavor to support you to do the things you have always wanted to do,
to be the person you have always wanted to be,
and ultimately, to live the life you have always wanted to Live.

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