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Create your own Feng Shui objects!

One of my friends recently confided in me that she really wanted to Feng Shui her place, but she didn’t want to have a bunch of red tassels, fu dogs, and bamboo flutes hanging all over. I get that a lot!

Virtually any object can be used to Feng Shui!

The purpose of the Feng Shui objects is to create balance, increase the energy flow of the space, “cure” a inauspicious situation, and energetically call in abundance. Knowing this and understanding how the the energy flows through your space will allow you to use any item of your choosing to create good Feng Shui.

My practice of Feng Shui involves utilizing the client’s personal design tastes and decor. For example, instead of bamboo flutes to “cure” the intense downward pressure caused by a ceiling beam over a bed, my client and I incorporated her love of angels, placing them on the beam – just as effective if not more so than bamboo flutes, and here’s why.

Objects that resonate for you personally will have a greater impact on the overall energy of your home.

Trust your Intuition!

As I am working with a client to redesign their space, it is a process of tuning into intuition. How does the object make you feel? Don’t have anything in your home that doesn’t foster good feelings. Your space should greet you in a wide open loving embrace and be a celebration of life!

When using an object as a Feng Shui tool, pay attention to what comes up emotionally and mentally. Thoughts and feelings prompted by the adjustment provide insights into what blocks need to be addressed internally. And by allowing this process of following intuition, objectively increasing awareness of ourselves, and reinforcing the direction we wish to go with the new object placement, any blocks to our moving forward will be dissolved.

A little Feng Shui and you are literally paving the road to the life of your dreams!

You don’t have to buy out Chinatown!

Want an abundance in wealth? What do you have in your space that reinforces that intention? Empty jars or vases psychologically remind us of being empty. Fill the fruit bowl, put some flowers in the vases, or even start a collection of sea shells in a favorite flower vase to create a Feng Shui tool that reinforces plenty!!!

Feng Shui is a practice that teaches how to see the energetic effects of objects in our home. Much of a home or office consultation is about bringing awareness of these objects on our lives. And by realigning and adding key objects, we can create a greater sense of balance, peace and harmony in our environment and literally propel ourselves forward in life by reinforcing the intentions and desires we hold most dear.

You don’t have to turn your home into a mini-Chinatown, we can play Feng Shui in whatever decor you like!

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“Impeccable attention to detail!” – Slava A

“Impeccable attention to detail!” – Slava A

Slava A:

If you want to meet the most zen person, this is it! Salvatore has a light and bright energy, which helps  you move your house upside down if it necessary!  He was right on time and wowed us with impeccable attention to the details! His interpretation of our house interior was precise and direct! He answered all our questions and  made us feel there is no stupid or small questions. We trust his opinion and already made some changes… All of it now make sense, and we are very happy with what we created together! Thank you Salvatore!

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