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Feng Shui to Spark Creativity

At some time or another, we all need of a burst of creativity to move forward, break boundaries, find solutions and shift to our future. Creativity is an act of seeing things from a fresh perspective and its unlikely you’ll be able to do that if nothing has changed in your space since the 80’s!

Think of how every morning you have a fairly set routine from bed to breakfast. Such routine allow us to accomplish more without having to rethink each step, but it also enables us to float by unconscious. However, imagine if you got a phone call informing you that you didn’t have to go to work that day?! All of a sudden you skip a beat, the routine is thrown out, and the day starts to take on a whole new shape.

You can create a similar catalyst with a few Feng Shui tips, breaking your thought patterns and routines by literally breaking up the routines your space is set up to accommodate. The object and images in your home and office are constantly influencing you, even on an unconscious level, and directing you routinely down a path both literally and metaphorically.

 The Creative Mess!

Feng Shui actually honors a balance between messy and neat. We need space in order to bring the formless into shape, but this doesn’t mean we have to live in a Zen monastery. The goal is an environment that allows for the chaos of creation and stimulates the soul while providing sanctuary for the quiet act of birthing our dreams.

So my first Feng Shui tip for sparking creativity is to give yourself permission to have a clutter zone … AND… also have a space that is empty, quiet, peaceful to allow for contemplation and gestation of the ideas. One way to do this in a yin-yang table, where from one side of the table your view is of a barrage of self-expression and the other side gives view to neat and organized. Then, you can play around with switching sides as you discover the solutions and ideas your looking for.


Feng Shui tips to Spark Creativity

  • Surround yourself with your accomplishments. Let these be reminders of your getting past challenges and achieving your goals.
  • Add nature – add life! A quick way to liven up a space is to get a vase filled with fresh flowers. You can also add life with chimes (music), lava lamps (or twinkling lights), or a bubbling water fountain.
  • Set out something for your inner child! Find something your 6-yr-old self would love to play with: play-dough, crayons, Silly Putty, stencils, Legos… and leave it out on the table to be played with!
  • Add color! Bold splashes of color with fabric or pillows work as well as Kandinsky-like collages of color.
  • Play Station! Have all the things you anticipate needing to complete your creative task ready to go so no time is lost looking for a blank paper or yellow highlighter.
  • Eliminate everything that you do not love. And if you’re not using it or do not want to work on it, put it away as well.
  • Move 27 things. A very powerful way to shift the energy of your space and your life is to shake things up literally by moving 27 objects in your space. They don’t have to be the big objects, even small ones will do. Photos, artwork, a chair or two… when your space is moved around even a little, your routine is thrown off and creativity is sparked.


Imagine it!

The creative process is the act of diving into the depths of the unconscious and dislodging and bringing forth that beautiful little pearl to the surface. Just as the surface of the water can be serene and calm, the depths you go will can be chaos and crazy. But no matter what challenge you face, splash around a little and give yourself permission to get messy, then come back to your quiet space and unleash the power of the infinite.


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“Impeccable attention to detail!” – Slava A

“Impeccable attention to detail!” – Slava A

Slava A:

If you want to meet the most zen person, this is it! Salvatore has a light and bright energy, which helps  you move your house upside down if it necessary!  He was right on time and wowed us with impeccable attention to the details! His interpretation of our house interior was precise and direct! He answered all our questions and  made us feel there is no stupid or small questions. We trust his opinion and already made some changes… All of it now make sense, and we are very happy with what we created together! Thank you Salvatore!

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