The Feng Shui Secret Weapon

“Feng Shui” means “Wind” and “Water”… two words which give a brilliant illustration of how we can view energy flowing through our lives and our environments. We don’t want to live in hurricane force winds any more than stale recycled air; and we don’t want to live in a tidal wave any more than a stagnant pond. Balance and flow are key.

You can nourish the energy in your life by enhancing the flow in your space. And the Feng Shui Secret Weapon is the Crystal Faceted Sphere; it enhances energy flow, deflects negative energy, and balances energy in your space.

Three Tier Angel Constellation by David Phillips


How Do Feng Shui Crystals Work?

If you’ve ever seen one of these in the window with the sun shining through it, you’ve witnessed it sending a cascade of rainbows all around the room. Even when you can’t see the rainbows, as when there is very little or indirect light, light as an energy force is still flowing through the crystal and being transmuted to create a powerful, clear and balanced environment. An effect similar to going  from a one-note “ah” to a symphonic “OM”!


Where to Hang Feng Shui Crystals?

Crystal spheres have so many benefits they can go almost anywhere. They are especially useful anywhere where the energy is too slow, too fast or out of balance.

  • Hang one in a dark and cluttered closet, it will loosen the “cluttered” (i.e. stuck) energy to make it easier to find things, organize things, and feel lighter.
  • Hang one in a long hallway, and the rushing, gushing tunnel-like energy will slow down to create a calm walkway
  • Hang one from a ceiling fan and prevent the negative effects of the blades chopping your personal energy if you are below it.
  • Hang one from a rafter over your bed or desk and mitigate negative/cutting energy the rafter shoots down below.
  • Hang one in a room where there is often bickering, chaos or anxiety and create a sense of serenity.
  • Hang one in your love and partnership corner and watch your love life zoom!

Traditionally, crystal spheres are are hung from a red string of 9” inches or of lengths in increments of 9”. And be sure to clean your crystal before hanging…


How to Clean Your Feng Shui Crystal

Before hanging your crystal, and periodically (about every month), a crystal needs to be cleaned to improve both its shine and its energy vibration. Think of it as cleaning your finest jewelry – you want it clean so it keeps its bling!

There are many ways to clean a crystal. The way I most prefer is by using the cleansing resonance of a Tibetan singing bowl.

Other effective ways to clean and clear a crystal’s energy are to soak it in a sea-salt bath or in the ocean or even a flowing stream. You can also bury one in the earth for a few days, which is especially powerful during the new moon. And of course there is always smudging.


Multi-Dimensional Feng Shui Crystal Designs

Large Crystal Diamond by David Phillips

I had the pleasure of recently meeting Wire and Crystal artist, David Phillips, and I am incredibly inspired by his work and the way he’s incorporated Feng Shui principles into his crystal mobile designs.

His use of colored crystals, selected for their particular Feng Shui associations, amplify distinct energies. And he takes things up a notch with multi-sphere designs that undoubtedly guarantee an abundance of positive energy anywhere that they are placed.


If you have specific requests or questions about using your crystal or which crystal design to get, contact me and we’ll come up with something miraculous!