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D4S LeafDesk for Success is a self-guided training course that teaches Office Feng Shui and Business Mastery Skills to entrepreneurs who want to energize their professional and personal life.

Whether you work in a cubical, a corner office, or your kitchen table, the Desk for Success course will empower you focus-in and find fulfillment in your professional world. It’s designed to help you energize your work area, get clear on your purpose and shift to a mindset that allows you achieve more with less effort.

You deserve to do what you love and love what you do!

“If I could recommend anyone for assisting in life change it would be Salvatore” – Nancy V


How does the Desk for Success Program Work?

D4SW1The Four Week Program is delivered in four modules, each module contains:

  • D4SW2~ Feng Shui Lesson,

  • ~ Business Skills Mastery Lesson,

  • ~ Feng Shui Story of the Week,

  • ~ Focus Area for the week, as well as

  • ~ Exercises to get you applying what you’ve learned.

D4SW3Desk for Success includes bonus features that are delivered directly to your email inbox throughout the course program to help you stay on track and keep your momentum going.

D4SW4Throughout the program you’ll have the opportunity to connect with me and others taking the course on the Facebook Page. Post your comments and questions and I’ll respond in a timely manner allowing all members to learn, share and grow together! 



“The office felt and looked Transformed!” Amelie M.



Where you are is indeed the perfect place to begin!

Launch your professional life in a way that aligns with your purpose and passion. The Desk for Success Course will help you redesign your life path from the inside out and the outside in!


Desk for Success
This self-guided course teaches office space organization and design along with Business Mastery Skills to entrepreneurs who want to energize their professional and personal life.

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