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Feng Shui Jack-o-Lantern

Ah, the Jack-o-Lantern – with its funky smell, seeds and goop, pumpkin carving is just about my favorite holiday activity. And although I’ve never won a pumpkin carving contest, I love the opportunity to use one at my entrance as a Feng Shui power tool and visual reminder of my receiving from the universe an abundance of money, health, relationships and success!

In the practice of Feng Shui, the entrance of a home is called the “mouth of chi” because it is the opening through which the universal energies feed and nourish our home environment and our entire life. And it is the place where we can set intentions as to how we wish to interact with life.

With that in mind it’s as important our front entrance send a positive, inviting message out into the world, as well as create natural filters to repel unwanted energies. And here are a variety of tools to embody your intentions, in holiday times and out.

Tips for a Powerful Feng Shui Entrance

• Lighting – Porch lights are great, but a walkway or path that is lined with lights and well-lit is even better. Imagine the front walkway being an airport runway for incoming chi to land gracefully, and make an effort to assist that landing with landing lights.

• Trash bins – If the front entrance is the Mouth of Chi, then consider that we want to ensure we don’t have bad breath! Move the trash bins, recycling bins or empty flower pots and let the entrance set the stage for a world-class welcome.

• Color – Many people like to paint their door and each color represents something very unique. There is not right or wrong color choice as long as it is one you like and sends out a message that you feel confident in sharing.

• Chimes – Bells and other sounds help sooth energetic peaks and keep energy moving. Increase and generate energy through musical tools such as wind chimes to help create a harmonious feeling for all that comes near.

• Doormats – Everyone loves a welcome mat! Keep in mind that the style, color, and design is going to set the tone for how people feel when they come to your home.

• Guardians – In many cultures, statues, tiki gods, fu-dogs, gargoyles or other guardians are placed at the front entrance to protect the home against negative energies. If it suits your tastes and style, guardians can create effective energetic barriers repelling negative energies from your life.

• Bagua Mirror – The Bagua Mirror is one that is usually octagon shaped and has the I-Ching symbols around the 8 sides. This mirror is usually hung facing out from the door and used to repel negative energies.

Projecting & Receiving Abundance

This Halloween, carve out a pumpkin that represents what it is that you wish to receive in your life and place it at your entrance. And step back and observe your front entrance and see what it is saying to the world. Employ the use of these Feng Shui tips to ensure positive energies are coming into your life and negative energies are repelled.

This Halloween, let’s Feng Shui Jack-o-Lantern!

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“Intuitive and ‘got’ what I was aiming for!” – Nayer K

“Intuitive and ‘got’ what I was aiming for!” – Nayer K

Nayer K: 

When I decided to make some major positive shifts in my life I knew immediately whom to contact – Salvatore. I’m SO glad I did!!! I’m only 6 weeks out from my consultation, but my already nice-feeling space is becoming blissful, reflecting the cool chick I am and am growing to be even more.
He’s very intuitive and “got” right away what I was aiming for–that was huge. He’s also been consistently available for advice as I continue to make changes, and has a stellar memory of every inch of my space.
Every area of my life that he asked me to describe in my goals is shifting positively right along with the physical changes. WooHoo!!!
If you’re reading this review and considering a consultation, go for it. Enjoy the space and life of your dreams!

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