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Feng Shui Tip: Finding your ideal job

In these times, one of the most prevalent questions I get on consultations is, “Can Feng Shui help me find a new job?” And to that I respond with a resounding, “YES!”

Feng Shui can help to get the energy in your career life moving through two main steps. First, using Feng Shui will help to focus your intention on what it is you wish to create and whenever your intention is clear and focused, miracles occur. Second, using Feng Shui can help to clear the pathways of energy into your career life on the physical realm to invite in that ideal job.

Let’s discuss some tips about focusing intention in the career life area first. Try a few of these ideas to get clear on what you wish to manifest in terms of a job:

  1. Write out your ideal job description in as much detail as possible – literally as if it were the sign-on agreement for your new job.
  2. Take it one step further and write the classified ad for this idea position and print it out (we’ll use it in the second part).
  3. Re-tool your resume to apply specifically for the job description you’ve created.
  4. Write out a letter of recommendation from a real or imagined mentor suggesting you for that job.

Now that we’re clear on the job that we are looking for, let’s go for the second part of the process and open up some energy pathways for that job to come to you using Feng Shui:

  1. Using the print out of the classified ad you’ve created, post it on the inside of your front door  – this energetically tells the universe that you are inviting this specific job into your life. (You can also do this with other job classified ads that you find as well – search through until you find your ideal job and print it out and use it.)
  2. Take 5 copies of your resume and tack/tape/place them above your front door on the inside of your house. 5 is a number that generates excitement, breaks through boundaries and generates energy in all directions.
  3. Create a clear, well-lit path to your front entrance. Be sure that there aren’t any obstacles or debris blocking energy from coming to your front door. Ideally, the path is curved and not a direct shot, which can be created with some garden or lawn ornaments.
  4. Clear the area just inside the front door so that whatever/whomever enters feels welcome and has space to enter calmly and gently. This may mean clearing off the drop table or moving objects that obstruct the entrance from the inside, adding overhead lighting or a welcoming picture or art piece.

Once you’ve performed the steps towards clarifying intention and the actions to get the chi moving into your career area, reinforce these with a visualization of yourself at your new job, happy, satisfied, fulfilled… whatever feelings that come up for you. Take a moment to feel this new reality and each time you enter or exit through the front door take a moment to recall this feeling and enjoy it again.

I’ve seen miracles happen when people follow these steps and I’d love to hear back from you any experiences you have to share. Wishing you all the contentment that comes from following your own life path!

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“Terrific, insightful!” – Karen M

“Terrific, insightful!” – Karen M

Karen M:

Salvatore came to my house nearly a year ago for a feng shui consult.  He has a lovely presence and was very warm and perceptive.  We walked through each room of my apartment and he offered terrific, insightful feedback that fit me to a tee.  I have slowly (and without spending much money) made changes to my space, one room at a time.  My house feels so warm and more like me.  I am always getting feedback from friends about how inviting my home is.  I feel like feng shuing my home was the foundation for the rest of my life.  As I look back over the year, I see all the positive changes that have occurred, and I feel like this was the catalyst.  Treat yourself to a consult with Salvatore!!

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