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Tips to Improve your Sleep

Can Feng Shui improve your Sleep? YES!!!

All of us, at one time or another has trouble sleeping, but some of us, it seems, never get a good night’s sleep. While there are certainly a host of medical issues to address related to sleep, Feng Shui can help you to create an environment that promotes sleep on many levels.

First things first – look at your bed! Ideally your bed will have a solid wall behind the headboard for support, and be positioned in the room in such a way that the person sleeping can easily see the door without having to turn around.

Secondly, remove electronics from the room – these emit frequencies which actually disruptour sleep. If you have electronics in the room, cover them, unplug them, and get them as far from the bed as possible. I suggest using a armoire to hold any TV and equipment and close down computers entirely. Even alarm clocks create disrupting frequencies, if you can get a battery powered one, all the better. And I know a lot of people use their cell phone as their alarm clock. Luckily, today, most cell phones can be turned to an “airplane” mode, which is what you want if you are going to have near you as you sleep.

Third, choose colors for the room which are warm and nurturing rather than bright and active. Colors affect us deeply and having bright, cheery colors all around us in the room pumps up the energy and makes it more difficult to feel settled and calm before going to bed.

Fourth,  remember my grandmother’s adage, “Bedrooms are for sleeping!” Any activity you do other than sleeping in your bedroom creates residual energies that will impact your sleep cycles. So if you work on your computer in your bed, or you play games with your kids, or use the bed as a landing zone for purses, backpacks, clothes, etc…. all this will create energies that are counter to sleeping. Consider your bed sacred and keep its use sacred as well.

Fifth, think “soft and comfy!”  Furniture, furnishing, and art that have sharp lines, hard edges, and pointed corners can create tense energy. When selecting objects for the bedroom, from art work to the actual bed, choose soft and rounded shapes to promote soothing comfortable energy. If the bed frame you use has sharp corners and edges, double up on the comforting aspects of pillows and comforters so that the body feels welcome and relaxed upon entering the bedroom.

We all need a good night’s rest! Once these five big issues are addressed, then we can talk about some of the more detailed Feng Shui cures to creating a soothing and restful environment for sleeping.

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“He changed my life!” – Dana F.

“He changed my life!” – Dana F.

Dana F: 

Salvatore is EXCEPTIONAL at what he does.  In one afternoon, less than 4 hours to be exact, he went through every inch of my house and changed my life.  Working with what I already had, he literally created a home where I feel amazing and hopeful and that what I dream of is not only possible but easy to achieve. Things I have complained about for TEN years-gone in minutes. I cannot recommend him highly enough.  Do yourself the greatest favor by contacting him NOW!

Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance

Five principles to help you create the Work-Life Balance you want.

This year, I had to make my way back from burn-out. I was working too much and living too little. I set out to shift my life and came up with five principles of a Work-Life Balance. This Fall has become the season of “More Being and Less Doing”!

The Elusive “Work-Life Balance”

It is a stand-out goal for most, and yet, the concept of a work-life balance is still vague at best. Part of that is in it’s uniqueness to each individual, and part of that is the difficulty of quantifying what it means.

Secrets to Vision Boarding

Secrets to Vision Boarding

In 1992 I created a collage of images that inspired me. Immediately, things started shifting in my life that were inexplicably synched up to that collage, and the shifts continued unfolding for years. My accidental discovery of the art Vision Boarding sparked a thirst for just how it is that we can create and turn dreams into reality.

Having taught, written, and practiced Vision Boarding over the decades, I’ve learned secrets that separate successful vision boards from those that are just pretty images.

The Success Momentum

The Success Momentum

Ready to Dream Big?

As we set out our hopes for the New Year, there are a number of ways to seize the momentum and ensure we success in 2016. If we’re serious about making changes this year, we have to change the usual way we pursue it!

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