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Tips to Ignite Hope

Five ways to foster and ignite the power of Hope with Feng Shui

The feeling of hope begins to stir, breaking the stillness of winter to prepare our hearts for Spring. In Feng Shui, this shift signifies the start of a new cycle from the calm collective water towards individual expression. Whether the lotus sprouting out of mire or the bamboo bursting forth from clear waters, hope is a driving force in the Feng Shui initiation of each new cycle: each day, each season, each life.

Access and activate the transformative power of hope in your home or work environment and plant seeds of hope for a new beginning in your life with these Feng Shui tips:


5 Feng Shui Hope Activators

1. Move 27 things in your space – and have fun doing it! They don’t have to be huge items like the bed and TV, you can choose little items from books to lamps to candles. This stirs up the energy in your space, re-infuses your objects with your love, and awakens the feelings that inspired your having them.

2. Bring in fresh flowers – every 3 days for 9 days. Not only do the flowers bring in abundant fresh chi, their fragrance and color will spark transformation.

3. Incorporate art that represents hope. In each room of your space – or on your computer desktop, the office wall and in your lobby – change out current art work for images that inspire hope and joy. This could be a sunrise or a child or puppy, or a new photo of you and your loved ones

4. Add light! Whether it means opening the window dressings or adding a new lamp or candle, light brings energy and will foster feelings of greater possibility.

5. Clean, Fix and De-Clutter! If you have several pockets of disorganization in your space, choose one, and only one area to focus on per day. My advice is to start with the smallest areas first. And if you have a major de-clutter project awaiting you, before you get to work, go into that area and sing, ring bells, play music or dance to start the energy moving before you begin.

We all naturally go through periods of rest and withdraw in order to let go and ready ourselves for what is next. Planting these seeds of hope will prepare you for the natural evolution to a new beginning, and exciting new life!


2 Responses to Tips to Ignite Hope

  1. thanx, salvatore! i luv to read your blogs and open up to new ways of thinking and doing things. namaste! nik

“Terrific, insightful!” – Karen M

“Terrific, insightful!” – Karen M

Karen M:

Salvatore came to my house nearly a year ago for a feng shui consult.  He has a lovely presence and was very warm and perceptive.  We walked through each room of my apartment and he offered terrific, insightful feedback that fit me to a tee.  I have slowly (and without spending much money) made changes to my space, one room at a time.  My house feels so warm and more like me.  I am always getting feedback from friends about how inviting my home is.  I feel like feng shuing my home was the foundation for the rest of my life.  As I look back over the year, I see all the positive changes that have occurred, and I feel like this was the catalyst.  Treat yourself to a consult with Salvatore!!

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