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Light my Fire Personality

Flame, my Crested Eyelash Gecko was doing  in his  today!Harmonizing the Fire Element in You!

In an effort to understand and work with the energies of life, Feng Shui seeks to create harmony among the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. The Chinese Five Element Theory assists us in organizing our experiences as they relate to these elements. Awareness of what element is most active in our bodies and our spaces during any given situation allows us to understand our own motivation and actions. And it assists in our balancing excess and deficiencies to create the movement we desire in life.

The Feng Shui Fire Personality

Fire adds excitement, fullness and warmth that enables us to open up, expand, express and be the full expression of our soul. Fire is a transformative element, fusing and converting all other forms of life and substance into one magnificent flame. With such power, the fire element develops one’s compassion as the ability to recognize the worthiness of others’ characteristics and feel love. Fire brings light and with it, great insights.

Fire feeds the earth element, the power to nurture and protect. After fire pushes one towards expression, exposing and laying bare one’s true self, and igniting the possibility of love, the natural desire is to experience nurturing, safety and enclosure. When we are called upon individually or as a society to care for others, we can add the fire element and ignite compassion and love.

The fire element is fed by the wood element, or the energy that enables us to push forward and past boundaries to reach towards expression. In an effort to express ourselves authentically, we can to add the element of wood and gain a sense of personal power and individual strength.

Excess & Deficiencies

If a person is acting from a place of high-fire energy they can lose their sense of self, so caught up in the act of expansion, they consume anything and everything. This is the pleasure seeker who simply cannot get enough to satisfy, seeking greater stimulation and wider variety of experiences. Often operating from a fear of isolation, they flicker above the surface without going to deep into experiences, failing to incorporate life’s lessons fully.

A person acting from a place of low-fire energy can appear physically cold and pale, as if unable to sustain their own body heat. These people will be naturally withdrawn, trapped in a cycle of self-doubt from their intuition being dimmed. Stuck in a feeling of joylessness, their inability to feel compassion, and to empathize, further feeds their isolation.

Balanced Fire Energy

When the fire energy is balanced in a person’s personality, they are motivated, engaged and easily relate to others. Fire-balanced people are able to laugh heartily.  Optimists and compassionate individuals, these individuals are aware of others, of feelings and of their own unique offerings in life and express themselves beautifully, effortlessly and authentically.





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“You will be pleased!” – Marcella R

“You will be pleased!” – Marcella R

Marcella R:

Salvatore is amazing. We just rented a new space and were trying to figure how to make the most use with it. Salvatore is wonderfully balanced addressing the practical components while taking in our desires and inspirations. It was great to see the two needs being blended.  We are so happy we had his consultation. I highly recommend that you work with him for your home and office. You will be pleased!!!!!

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