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Five Elements of Feng Shui

Feng Shui and the Five Element Theory

One of the easiest ways you can begin implementing Feng Shui is to learn how to see your space as a kitchen where you cook up how you want to feel, what you want to experience and what you want to do in your life. In this kitchen, there are five spices you can use, and they are known as the Five Elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

The word “elements” is not the best translation, as a more literal translation would be “movements” or “phases,” because each of the Five Elements brings with it a particular natural energy representing a phase in the cycle of life: Wood brings action, Fire brings passion, Earth brings support, Metal brings organization, and Water brings renewal.

When you walk into a space, noticing how much of one element is present, you can infer what phase is predominant in that person’s life at that time. In Feng Shui, we use the Five Element Theory to assess the nature of a person and a room or setting and then strive to create balance between the person’s phase in life and the predominant phase being represented by their room.


Wood to Embrace Change

For example, the Wood Element represents action and growth. Imagine wood piercing and breaking through the boundary of earth to reach up, extend, grow. When we are around wood energy, we are naturally inspired to take decisive, bold action. This is why a desk made of wood is so powerful for work. The wood desk energetically supports our goal of achieving our objectives in our career.

If I come into someone’s home and it has wood floors, exposed, wooden ceiling beams, wood tables and wood furniture… all wood wood wood, I can tell this is a person that embraces change! Not only do they have a lot of drive and determination to achieve, they are probably very quick to create and accept change in their life.

And knowing how this spice is used, we can knowingly add more wood to our space:

  • when we are trying to break through boundaries,
  • when action is demanded,
  • when we are attempting to start something new and in a way, give birth to our project.


Using all Five Feng Shui Spices

The best meal we can cook up in space would be one that has a nice balanced foundation of each of the five elements and with highlights of the particular element, or the particular energy we are in need of at that specific time in our life.

Add some flavor:

  • Wood – when action is demanded, when we need to push past boundaries
  • Fire – when we wish to be social, express ourselves, experience excitement
  • Earth – when we need some foundation and stability
  • Metal – when we need to organize, and provide structure and order
  • Water – when it is time to regroup, renew and search the depths of our consciousness for new insights


Cooking Time

Again, the ideal Feng Shui environment is one that has a balance between the five elements, so that all five phases of our life are all fed and nourished.

Look around and see what element is predominant in your home, your office, your bedroom, your car… And then go to your spice rack, and add whatever flavor you desire to bring about the specific desires you have in any moment in your life.  Let’s get cooking!




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  1. […] Ideally, in Feng Shui, our goal is create a harmonious relationship between ourselves and our home. To create this harmony, Feng Shui uses the Five Elements in proportion to the person’s situation and personality. You can find out more about Feng Shui Personalities in my article. And find out more on using the Five Elements here. […]

“I only wish I had called him earlier!” – Wendy K

“I only wish I had called him earlier!” – Wendy K

Wendy K:

I called Salvatore at a good friend’s suggestion.  He spent a couple of hours at my apartment and really wanted to know what was going in my life and what I hope to change and manifest.  I’ve only made a few of the changes and can’t wait to implement all of Salvatore’s recommendations.  Salvatore is a good listener, kind and has such a generousity of spirit.  When I needed some clarification or suggestions on where to purchase certain items his response was immediate and he offered a wealth of resources.  I only wish I had called him earlier.

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