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How to handle your housemate’s junk!

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You moved in with the best intentions, but now their stuff is all over your stuff and you’re starting to feel like a Chi Tornado has hit the space… what to do?

Feng Shui harmony tips for housemate’s

First: Agree to sit down with pen and paper and talk with your roommie about the space and the objects in the space. Go in expecting to compromise and to discuss openly what your likes and dislikes are for the space. No matter how long you’ve lived together, today is a great day to start from scratch! Key to success: don’t take anything personally, or make anything personal!

Second: Designate personal space. Everyone in the home should get a bit of space they can call their own to be as messy or clean as they like. It is often critical that these areas are energetically equal – meaning that they are balanced in terms of desirability and size. You can even rotate ownership on a schedule if that works.

Third: Set boundaries for the common space that include use of electronic equipment, sound, lighting and level of organization. One person is bound to be more neat and organized than the other, so the idea is for both to come half-way.

Fourth: Make a list of items that you can’t decide on and save that list for a follow-up sit-down that you can have in two weeks or more when they dust settles for the things you do decide on.

Fifth: If something your housemate must have seriously bothers you, or vice versa, come up with a solution to cover it while the other person is not at home or during specific periods. I had a client who hated her roommate’s TV. They got an armoire to hold the TV and when it was not in use, and they were both happy!

Sixth: Keep talking! The key to building harmony in your space is to keep feelings from being buried inside. If you have a challenge with confrontation, begin making a list of things to talk to your roommate about and schedule at least a once-a-month time to go over things with him or her. The key is to keep the communication open and start each discussion from a place of appreciation for that person in your life.

It is unlikely that your style is going to match your housemate’s, but you can create harmony between almost any extreme if you set out with that intention. And no matter how much someone’s style bothers you, it is not the object that is going to bring negative energy into your life, but not communicating and dealing with your feelings around it will.

Happy Housemating!

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“Inspiring, Thorough, Empowering!” – Zo T

“Inspiring, Thorough, Empowering!” – Zo T

Zo T – 

Salvatore is the BEST!  Warm, inspiring, professional, joyous, deeply perceptive, empowering, systematic, and thorough.

He is incredibly well-versed in Feng Shui, yet boils it down and communicates it in such a simple and clarifying way, that left my fiance Kelly and I empowered to build on his amazingly helpful recommendations for a long time to come.

Salvatore’s approach starts from the inside-out.  Before making a single recommendation to us about what to do with our apartment, he intently listened as we shared with him about who we are, our story, and our most cherished values, intentions, and goals, both individually and as a couple.  Out of that, we systematically looked together at every part of our house, and he gave us a very comprehensive assessment and recommendations, BUT in a way that was completely manageable and empowering!

I have a sense we’ll be working with Salvatore for years to come!

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Having taught, written, and practiced Vision Boarding over the decades, I’ve learned secrets that separate successful vision boards from those that are just pretty images.

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