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Inspired by Color!

Guest article by Anastasia Faiella, Interior Designer and Color & Textile Guru!

Spring Flowers

Color… the phenomenon of light or visual perception enables us to differentiate between objects, affects our moods, inspires us and literally makes us “feel” a certain way.

On a “gray” day, we can become introspective, whereas on a bright yellow “sunny” day we are more apt to want to be outside and often feel happier and inspired!

Color affects not only our mood, it is also a way in which we define ourselves, from the colors we choose to wear, to the color car we drive, to the color lipstick we wear!

Color is Key!

In interior design, whether we lean towards a palette of hot fuchsias and oranges or cool blues and calm neutrals, adding color allows us to make dramatic or subtle design changes in our home or office that will inspire our day to day lives, just like the weather.

Finding the right color and paint can be a dizzying process: choosing the brand, choosing the color, choosing the application…! Having studied color theory for numerous years as a painter and fine artist, I’ve understand the science of color at an elemental level. Exploring how the subtle nuances in color combinations and color relationships (beyond paint on a wall) can create an environment that evokes different moods and atmospheres is my passion!


Adding Color to your Home

First, with so many brands of paint on the market and so many color choices, it’s not as easy a process as just going to the store and picking up a gallon of paint. To make the right decision, we begin by examining the array of choices from eco-friendly low VOC paint to the most economical brands. Choosing the right one requires a balance between finding the best brands on the market today and maintaining the integrity of the big picture for a particular project.

Second, once we’ve chosen brand, how do we go about choosing the colors? First, I begin by asking if the colors we are choosing are meant to go with pieces already in the home, or are we starting afresh? Small accents and large pieces affect the mood, light and overall color of a room. Carefully planning ahead helps as the color paint we choose will potentially inspire a whole new design!

Third, work with your floor. I recommend putting color swatches directly on the floor to see how the colors you like coordinate with your flooring. If you have cherry hardwood floors you probably do not want to go with orange paint!

And fourth, paint a sampling of color swatches on your walls to find the right combinations of hues for a home. It is well worth the investment of time and money to buy samples of the colors you like and test them on the wall first. This way, you will get to see how colors change based on time of day, light and weather. I find that clients who get to live with a few possibilities are able to allow the right one to emerge.

Color consultation is an essential part of my design process and one that I am very passionate about. In the end, getting colors “right” will save you both time and money and lead to a happy and healthy home.


Anastasia Faiella launched Faiella Design in 2009. Anastasia has a rich creative and artistic background. She earned her Masters in Fine Arts from the University of California at Berkeley in 2004 after earning her Bachelor’s in Art History at the University of Minnesota. Her background as a fine artist combined with her hands-on experience in wholesale furnishings, allows Anastasia to offer clients a unique combination of artistic and creative vision.

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“You will be pleased!” – Marcella R

“You will be pleased!” – Marcella R

Marcella R:

Salvatore is amazing. We just rented a new space and were trying to figure how to make the most use with it. Salvatore is wonderfully balanced addressing the practical components while taking in our desires and inspirations. It was great to see the two needs being blended.  We are so happy we had his consultation. I highly recommend that you work with him for your home and office. You will be pleased!!!!!

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