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“Terrific, insightful!” – Karen M

“Terrific, insightful!” – Karen M

Karen M:

Salvatore came to my house nearly a year ago for a feng shui consult.  He has a lovely presence and was very warm and perceptive.  We walked through each room of my apartment and he offered terrific, insightful feedback that fit me to a tee.  I have slowly (and without spending much money) made changes to my space, one room at a time.  My house feels so warm and more like me.  I am always getting feedback from friends about how inviting my home is.  I feel like feng shuing my home was the foundation for the rest of my life.  As I look back over the year, I see all the positive changes that have occurred, and I feel like this was the catalyst.  Treat yourself to a consult with Salvatore!!

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