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Lighten up the Dark Days of Winter

Feng Shui Tips to Lighten up the Dark Days of Winter

As the darker days of winter settle in upon us, things slow down, the lack of sunlight starts to affect us, and we choose to stay indoors in order to escape the cold. It’s healthy to allow the cycle to flow through, but it’s not necessary to hibernate! In an effort to bring some light into your winter, here are some Feng Shui tips for adding LIGHT to your home and life.


Lighten up your space

  1. Automate your lights: Best scenario would be lights that come on when you enter the room, to save you from searching in the dark. Second best would be lights set on timers to not just create a warm space for when you get home, but also keep the energy moving and active when you are not home.
  2. Nightlights: Add a decorative night light to a room or area that seems dark.
  3. Full Spectrum Bulbs: There is some controversy about the benefit of using them all the time as you are meant to only be exposed to such a spectrum during the day, but they are highly beneficial when used for limited periods.
  4. Mood lighting: Add soft-light lamps, spot lights, or rope lights in key areas to add a diffused warm glow to a space.
  5. Open up to the light: Take a moment to open any window dressings during the day to let in more light and arrange seating to take advantage of the natural light.


Lighten up your life

  1. Happy clothes: Sure, you’re not supposed to wear white after Labor Day, but you can occasionally throw a brightly colored item on to amp up your chi.
  2. Sparkle: have your jewelry cleaned and proudly wear it.
  3. Tanning Bed: Nothing like just one visit to the tanning bed to reverse months of winter blues.
  4. Move: whenever possible take the opportunity to take even a short walk during the day and take in some Vitamin D.
  5. Best China: break out the fine china and crystal glassware regularly to bring light and energy to your meal time.

Yes, this is a great time for us to practice introspection and reflection, often facilitated with time spent in meditation and silence. However, keeping things in balance is key to flowing through this season.




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“Inspiring, Thorough, Empowering!” – Zo T

“Inspiring, Thorough, Empowering!” – Zo T

Zo T – 

Salvatore is the BEST!  Warm, inspiring, professional, joyous, deeply perceptive, empowering, systematic, and thorough.

He is incredibly well-versed in Feng Shui, yet boils it down and communicates it in such a simple and clarifying way, that left my fiance Kelly and I empowered to build on his amazingly helpful recommendations for a long time to come.

Salvatore’s approach starts from the inside-out.  Before making a single recommendation to us about what to do with our apartment, he intently listened as we shared with him about who we are, our story, and our most cherished values, intentions, and goals, both individually and as a couple.  Out of that, we systematically looked together at every part of our house, and he gave us a very comprehensive assessment and recommendations, BUT in a way that was completely manageable and empowering!

I have a sense we’ll be working with Salvatore for years to come!

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Work Life Balance

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This year, I had to make my way back from burn-out. I was working too much and living too little. I set out to shift my life and came up with five principles of a Work-Life Balance. This Fall has become the season of “More Being and Less Doing”!

The Elusive “Work-Life Balance”

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Secrets to Vision Boarding

Secrets to Vision Boarding

In 1992 I created a collage of images that inspired me. Immediately, things started shifting in my life that were inexplicably synched up to that collage, and the shifts continued unfolding for years. My accidental discovery of the art Vision Boarding sparked a thirst for just how it is that we can create and turn dreams into reality.

Having taught, written, and practiced Vision Boarding over the decades, I’ve learned secrets that separate successful vision boards from those that are just pretty images.

The Success Momentum

The Success Momentum

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