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Pack Lightly!

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After graduating from the University of Kansas, I made the impromptu decision to travel to New Zealand before deciding where I would want to “settle down and make a life for myself.”

And in packing for the trip, as a fairly naïve traveler, I crammed everything I owned into three suitcases and a carry-on and boarded the plane for down-under. What started as a six-month work exchanged turned into a yearlong, around-the-world trip. And when I finally made it home to Kansas a dear friend asked, “What is the biggest lesson you learned from your trip?”

“Pack Lightly!” I exclaimed without a moment’s hesitation.


Feng Shui & The Weight of our Environment

Whether traveling abroad or down life’s path “Pack Lightly” has become the hallmark of my work. The question I get most is how to move forward in one life area or another. The advice I always start with is to the same: create space.

Consider the fact that American’s never use 80 percent of the things they own! Imagine! A full 80 percent of the objects in our homes sit around anchoring us to the place we are in, the feeling we are in, the situation we are in. 80 percent of our environment is dead weight!


The Three Heavy “Weights” in Feng Shui

What anchors us to our current situation is reflected in our environment by anything that is:

  • Unused
  • Unloved, or
  • Unfinished

Each person I work with has an excess in one of these areas from family heirlooms they can’t bring themselves to get rid of even though they don’t like them, to projects that are just almost finished and probably will be so, maybe, next weekend, or next month, to a kitchen filled with appliances no one ever uses.

The problem is that the unused, unloved items and relics we can’t bring ourselves to get rid of and the piles of projects we don’t want to admit we aren’t going to finish all eat up all the energy we could be using to move forward.


Liberate Yourself!

Now, I’d like to give you a bit of permission! If there is something in your space that is not serving you, not reminding you of who you wish to be and where you wish to be going, you have my permission to chuck it.   We’re about to begin a new season and this is an ideal time for you to take an inventory and liberate yourself from any dead weight!

Get your energies moving and direct them towards living the life that you desire by making space for the change to happen. It took a trip around the world for me to learn the lesson, one I hope to save you the trouble of going through, if you’re thirsty for change and would like to experience all that life has to offer… “pack lightly!”


One Response to Pack Lightly!

  1. Thank you for this, Salvatore!

    I recently experienced, first hand, how wise this advice actually is. I had been going through a stale period in my attempts to make a career change, so I took time off from work recently to clear clutter out of my home and garage. It sounds counter-intuitive — “Don’t work. Get more money.” — but the proof is in the results. Six days into The Great Purge, I received a lucrative job offer, doing something I thoroughly enjoy. It came out of nowhere, from a business acquaintance who told me he’d had me in mind for some time, but just hadn’t gotten around to calling me. Also, the clearing process gave me a chance to review and affirm the things I love and want to keep, and pass along a wealth of treasures to friends who can use the things I no longer want and need. Packing lightly works!

“Matches practical functionality with aesthetic design” – Kelly N

“Matches practical functionality with aesthetic design” – Kelly N

Kelly N:

Salvatore has an impeccable sense of space and design.  His recommendations for our house have created a sense of roominess and flow in every room.  What I really like is that he matches practical functionality with aesthetic design, so that we can enjoy and relax in our space better. I totally recommend Salvatore to anyone wanting to bring a breath of fresh air to their living space

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