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Mechanics of Feng Shui

Guest Post by Melody Fletcher

The Mechanics of Feng Shui

How Feng Shui actually works to help you attract the life you want


When I first heard about Feng Shui, years ago, I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical. I’m a pragmatist. I like to take things apart and figure out how they work. Could we really improve our lives by moving around some furniture? It seemed unlikely. But as I’ve gotten a deeper and deeper understanding of the Law of Attraction, metaphysics and Universal laws, I’ve come to realize that there are many ways to shift and manipulate energy. “Moving around a bit of furniture” absolutely has the power to change your life. Here’s how:

Everything is energy. Everything. You, the environment you live in, the ground you walk on, the car you drive, the food you eat, the kids you send off to school and the spouse you kiss goodbye on your way to work. Everything is energy, vibrating at different frequencies. Physical spaces have an energy of their own; and this energy can be manipulated and changed. When a shaman opens a sacred space, he calls upon the 4 directions, the heavens and the earth, connecting to different frequencies to actually, physically shift the energy in that space on the molecular level. He is creating a high, positive, stable vibration in that physical space, to assist him and others in whatever work is about to be done. Have you ever walked into an old church and felt the peace and serenity? What you felt was the high vibration created in that space by thousands of ceremonies.

Now, when you’re learning to deliberately use the Law of Attraction, you’re learning to align your energy with the vibration of what you want. You’re working to raise your energy higher and higher, causing you to feel better and better. You’re working to release lower vibrations – or negative beliefs – which hold you down and block you from aligning with what you want. You’re basically shifting energy.

Everything in your reality is a reflection of your energy. The people you meet, the house you live in, the friends you have, the mood you’re in, how other people react to you, etc. All of these things are a mirror to what’s going on inside of you. This is actually how you create your reality. So, your physical environment, your personal space, is also a reflection of this energy. When you shift your energy, your reality and personal space will also change. The Law of Attraction can only bring you those things that are a direct match to your vibration. Change your vibration (inside) and you’ll change your world (outside).

Here’s the interesting thing, though: You can reverse engineer this process: You can change your vibration, which changes your external environment, or you can change your external environment to change your vibration. This is where Feng Shui comes in. The science and art of Feng Shui shows us how to create energetic shifts in our physical environment that help to create shifts within ourselves. Some of these changes may seem subtle, like moving a bit of furniture, or bringing in some fresh flowers, but don’t underestimate what even a small shift in vibration can achieve in your life. You see, your natural state is one of high vibration. You’re supposed to feel good and get everything you’ve ever wanted. So, when you begin to remove some of the blockages that keep you from that natural, blissful state, when you create just the tiniest bit of momentum, you have a tendency to keep on moving toward your natural state. In other words, even a small shift can trigger an avalanche of manifestations.

A small shift in your money vibration, for example, can mean the difference between poverty and wealth. A small shift in your relationship vibration can lead from loneliness to love. There are many ways to create these shifts, some easier than others. You can use therapy, coaching, EFT, meditation, shamanic healing, or any number of ways to release negative beliefs. Feng Shui is a gentle but very effective way to physically alter the vibration in your environment, causing your vibration – the one that creates your entire reality, to shift as well.


Melody Fletcher writes about the Law of Attraction and Universal Laws using the metaphor of Vibration. Her main goal is to help others find the empowerment, freedom and happiness that every one of us truly deserves. She invites you to visit her website at

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After consult – I found my partner!” – Smita P

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