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The Pedal to the Metal Personality

Patterns shape our lives! Always good to be in !Supporting the Metal Personality in You!

In an effort to understand and work with the energies of life, Feng Shui seeks to create harmony among the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. The Chinese Five Element Theory assists us in organizing our experiences as they relate to these elements. Awareness of what element is most active in our bodies and our spaces during any given situation allows us to understand our own motivation and actions. And it assists in our balancing excess and deficiencies to create the movement we desire in life.

The Feng Shui Metal Personality

The metal element gives us the power to organize, categorize, and structure our environment so as to allow us to effectively handle the massive amount of sensory, intellectual and emotional information we experience in our day to day lives. With metal, we are able to put things in their place, as if on tall metal shelves, so that we can step back and gain perspective. Metal gives a sense of order, so that we can manage our energy to successfully navigate through life.

Metal energy feeds the water element – the power and potential of the unconsciousness. Metal refines and purifies so as to expose the true nature. And from this place of security, we are able to confidently let go of the need to make sense of things and float into the unknown where unlimited possibilities wait to reveal themselves to us.

Metal is associated with the lungs and the skin, both efficient in their functioning to filter out impurities. The lungs infuse our body with life giving prana, and the skin provides the boundary to contain and hold our form together.

The earth element feeds and supports metal. When it feels as if we are missing a piece of the puzzle, that our structure is unstable, incomplete or insecure, we can invite earth energy in to ground and provide that foundation. We can literally add a huge clump of earth and let the natural power of metal do its job of sifting through and find the essence within to fill in the missing piece in our overall puzzle.

On the other hand, when we become too attached to organizing or following rules, attempting to have an iron-grip on life, the metal element needs to be tempered by the fire element. Fire melts metal. Fire’s expansive nature burns off the excess metal adding excitement, restoring balance.

Excess & Deficiencies

Metal energy in excess can be harsh and severe, insensitive or unsympathetic, and in extreme become ruthless. Life’s natural flow is choked by a need for control. The obsessive compulsive person is operating from a place of too much metal, unable to relax until everything is in its place. Interactions become difficult as one’s healthy desire to discover and explore turns into scrutiny and probing to such an extreme that all value is questioned and lost. Expression of self becomes sharp, like a knife.

When one is experiencing a lack of metal in their life, they can become careless, lazy, sloppy. The natural flow of conversations and cooperative ventures can get lost in tangents like a stream of consciousness with no rhyme or reason, start or finish, direction or purpose… Unable to coherently express oneself, the person begins to feel exposed, weak and vulnerable. Projects go unfinished. The person’s work life, finances, relationships become unstable as they hop from one thing to the next without a sense of focus.

Balanced Metal Energy

Metal is the tool of communication and a balanced amount of metal will enable a person to effectively, efficiently, clearly communicate their self in their work, relationships and life. From a strong sense of self, they are able to stand firm while being open. They are able to listen and understand where others are coming from and what they are trying to achieve. They instinctively know what their role is, how what they can contribute, and assist in fulfilling not only their own purpose but in creating a greater good for all.


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“I only wish I had called him earlier!” – Wendy K

“I only wish I had called him earlier!” – Wendy K

Wendy K:

I called Salvatore at a good friend’s suggestion.  He spent a couple of hours at my apartment and really wanted to know what was going in my life and what I hope to change and manifest.  I’ve only made a few of the changes and can’t wait to implement all of Salvatore’s recommendations.  Salvatore is a good listener, kind and has such a generousity of spirit.  When I needed some clarification or suggestions on where to purchase certain items his response was immediate and he offered a wealth of resources.  I only wish I had called him earlier.

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