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Secret to the Midas Touch


Want to know the secret to Financial Freedom? Its so simple that most people won’t even do  it: Appreciation what you have right now.

You are constantly showing your appreciation to something when you give it your attention, whether your thoughts about it are positive or negative. You have an internal guidance system, operating at an unconscious level, which is creating a reality in line with the stories you keep repeating in your head.


Want Financial Freedom? Focus on the areas in your life in which you feel and experience freedom. Find appreciation for even the smallest financial freedom that you have now, and that freedom will increase exponentially!


Appreciate  |əˈprēSHēˌāt| (verb) 1. Recognize the full worth, 2. Rise in value.

I like to think life is a treasure hunt, what are you hunting for? More importantly, are you hunting consciously or unconsciously?


What’s Your Attraction Plan

Sometimes we have to shift our attention from what we consider to be the reality of our financial situation. It’s not always easy to stop repeating the stories we tell ourselves about what our situation is, defending our struggle as real. This mindset keeps one thing coming in abundance: struggle around money.

Start by shifting your attention to find abundance in other things (laughter, sunshine, cars, streets…), as you focus more and more on what you can unquestionably say is in abundance, you open up to begin seeing it everywhere, and you begin aligning yourself with abundance. When you are aligned with abundance, abundance will begin to actualize all around you.

For example, try this exercise: take a walk and make note of how many leaves are on a tree, how many lights are on the street… literally immerse yourself in the awareness of how abundant life is all around you, and after 5 minutes, check in with how you are feeling – you will be in a state primed for appreciate money and wealth!


Five Tips to Align with Abundance

To redesign your reality from inside out and the outside in, here are five tips to give your the midas touch:

Tip #1: Enliven your ‘inspiration point’

Adjust your perspective by shifting the space inside your door to reflect plentitude. The first thing you see upon entering a room or home is the “inspiration point” as the first thing you see, it will spark an avalanche of unconscious connections and emotions. Stimulate golden feelings of ‘ahhhhh’ with a healthy plant, a picture that depicts opulence, or an object expressing richness placed strategically to grab your attention upon entering the home, room or office.

Tip #2: Power up your stove!

The stove is a powerhouse of energy for your home and your life. I like to think of my stove’s four burners as four jet engines that launch me forward.  It’s super important that the stove top be clean. Use a different burner every time you use the stove, metaphorically telling the universe you are open to all multiple avenues of wealth coming in to nourish you.

Tip #3: Pay it forward! Investing that appreciates!

Surprise someone today and pay for them, or make a donation. Doing so will make you feel wealthy! It doesn’t have to be a big lump sum, even a small token of generosity will have a big impact. Thing is, as we give away, we create space for more in our lives. As you begin to receive more, you’ve set the balance straight from the beginning by giving.

Tip #4: Create space for money to grow!

Anything in your dwelling that is unused, unloved, or unfinished is limiting your abundance by taking up physical space as well as tying up your personal energy with conscious and unconscious reminders of things left to do. Create space for financial freedom by de-cluttering your space. Hold your intention to allow more in and you will find a natural strength to release those things that not longer “add value” to your life.

Tip #5: Turn your Wallet into a Hedge Fund!

The most obvious personal reflection we have of our inner beliefs around money is our wallet. Worn-out, torn, stuffed with receipts,  photos, and filled with debt-loaded credit cards all signal a need for Wallet Rehab! Learn how to Feng Shui Your Wallet … here


Living Financial Freedom

Ready to align with abundance? At one point in my life, I had $23K in credit card debt, lived in a hole of an apartment, was working slave hours and still couldn’t make ends meet. Coming out of that was not easy, and all it took was clarity about what I wanted and didn’t want in life, boundaries around spending, and the support of some great financial mentors.

If you’re ready to live in financial freedom, contact me, I can help. I’ve been in the red and back to black. Contact me today and we can talk about how to reframe your story around money, create a clear budget to begin working from, and open up to the possibility of living the good life.

Contact me today, you’re in the perfect place to begin.

Your birthright is a life of abundance. The universe is infinite in riches and just waiting to bestow them upon you!


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“Huge difference in how I feel in my space!” – Rachel A

“Huge difference in how I feel in my space!” – Rachel A

Rachel A:

Salvatore is amazing!! I have attended 2 of his workshops on Feng Shui Life Mapping and he has come and feng shui’d my home.  The several small changes in my home he suggested – have made huge differences in how I feel in my space, and in my life, and what I have been wanting and am now creating.  Thank you Salvatore!  You brought fresh air into my life!!

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