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Moving Forward

“You can’t undo what you did in the past, but you can start a new future. Have faith, be confident, and step forward!”

11385104_1662474943986253_476215652_nLaunch yourself FORWARD!

Moving forward starts with compassionate self-awareness that aligns us with our inner compass and enables our making powerful decisions and taking bold actions. We can be the person we wish, do the things we wish and live the life we wish to begin living and we have all the tools we need to change with super-sonic speed.

Take One Small Step!

The universe does not require that we leap from the tallest building or off a perilous cliff to prove our commitment, it only requires that we take one small step. Begin by asking out loud, “what will it take to create …”  (insert your dream) and then follow whatever impulse you get!

If the step feels huge and scary, break it down again to smaller steps, and keep breaking it down as much as needed. The universe responds to our taking action in any way and will always meet and reward our courage by opening us to new possibilities.

Flexibility is the Key!

The opportunity created from that small step is not dependent on the amount of effort, but the willingness to let go of expectation, to be flexible, to remain agile and fluid as we go. It is important to have a goal in mind, a visualization of where we wish to be, but having expectations or pre-determined ideas of how the path from that step forward should look will create limitations.

Miracles do not usually unfold in the way we expect, otherwise we probably wouldn’t call them miracles! It is far more beneficial to let go and allow for the possibility of things going in their best and unimaginable way rather than the way we think. And keep in mind that sometimes moving forward may look a bit like moving sideways or backwards at first!

Environmental Impact!

The simple act of moving objects in one’s space is often just enough to be that first step! Our objects carry emotional and physical energy that we are highly attached to and by moving these objects we are shaking up the energy and allowing for a profound movement forward.

Pick an object to represent the area of your life that you want to move forward in (such as a briefcase for career, or pair of candles for relationship) and move this object (or objects) every day for 9 days.

Stir it up! And remain open to whatever intuitive thoughts that come up and act on any impulses you feel.

Feng Shui Technique: Move 27 Objects!

To really get things going in your life, move 27 objects in your space. 27 is a key number and by moving 27 objects (and it can be little objects as well) you create a chi hurricane of change in your space and in your life!

Keep in mind the area of your life you wish to move forward in and maintain a happy, positive, “good-times” attitude while moving things around!

Ready to Reinvent your Life?

If you’re ready to leap forward in life, let’s talk. Contact me now and we’ll find out how to make sure you are achieving, succeeding, and living more fully than ever before. Be boldly you and do this for yourself.

“Desire is the presentiment of our inner abilities,
and the forerunner of our ultimate accomplishments.”
– Goethe

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“He spent time getting to know me” – Rachel F.

“He spent time getting to know me” – Rachel F.

Rachel F:

It was such a pleasure to work with Salvatore! He combined his sense of humor and creativity to our Feng Shui session. What I really loved was the time he spent getting to know me and really receiving what my desires were for my living space. From there he was able to match my interior inspiration with his concept of flow. Also, once the flow was better established in my house-the rest of life started to match! Work, love, friends, family…you name it. Its all abundant overflow! Thanks Salvatore!

Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance

Five principles to help you create the Work-Life Balance you want.

This year, I had to make my way back from burn-out. I was working too much and living too little. I set out to shift my life and came up with five principles of a Work-Life Balance. This Fall has become the season of “More Being and Less Doing”!

The Elusive “Work-Life Balance”

It is a stand-out goal for most, and yet, the concept of a work-life balance is still vague at best. Part of that is in it’s uniqueness to each individual, and part of that is the difficulty of quantifying what it means.

Secrets to Vision Boarding

Secrets to Vision Boarding

In 1992 I created a collage of images that inspired me. Immediately, things started shifting in my life that were inexplicably synched up to that collage, and the shifts continued unfolding for years. My accidental discovery of the art Vision Boarding sparked a thirst for just how it is that we can create and turn dreams into reality.

Having taught, written, and practiced Vision Boarding over the decades, I’ve learned secrets that separate successful vision boards from those that are just pretty images.

The Success Momentum

The Success Momentum

Ready to Dream Big?

As we set out our hopes for the New Year, there are a number of ways to seize the momentum and ensure we success in 2016. If we’re serious about making changes this year, we have to change the usual way we pursue it!

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