Feng Shui Personality Re-order

Photo: Graur Codrin

Harness the power of your Feng Shui Personality

Your Feng Shui Personality is one of 5 Archetypes associated with the 5 elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Your dominant Feng Shui personality thrives in an environment that enhances its strengths while tempers its weaknesses.

And while you have a predominant Archetype, you can navigate through various life situations by drawing on the characteristics of a particular element to help you successfully, easily and gracefully flow through life.

People and objects around you influence your Feng Shui personality. Principles of Feng Shui can enhance or temper your personality to balance the personalities of those around you leading to successful and beautiful relationships.

Feng Shui Element Personality Archetypes

Wood: Purposeful & Courageous

  • The wood element personality is what gives us the strength to push upward and grow. It allows us to break through our boundaries. It is confident, idealistic, optimistic and ambitious.
  • When wood is out of balance it can lead to burn out, aggressiveness, impulsiveness as well as our being tense, critical, and competitive.
  • It is needed when we are starting something new, breaking through obstacles, making decisions, and developing compassion.
  • Wood is reflected in one’s environment by trees, plants, flowers, wooden objects, upright movement and the color green. It can be enhanced by water elements and dark colors and it can be tempered by adding metal objects or white colors to your environment.

Fire: Expansive & Expressive

  • The fire element personality is what enables us to be excited, enthusiastic, charismatic, inspirational and social, opening up expanding and radiating the fullness of life.
  • When fire is out of balance one can lose a sense of self, becoming unable to be satisfied no matter how much is consumed leading to aggressive, scattered, and jealous behavior.
  • It is needed when we are undergoing a transformation, when we wish to bring love, insight, light and awareness into the world, and when we are leading a project, networking and socializing.
  • It is reflected in one’s environment by fire items such as candles, incense, lights, angular shapes and bright colors, especially red. It can be enhanced by adding green colors and wooden objects, and tempered by adding water elements or dark colors to your environment.

Earth: Stable & Reliable

  • The earth element personality allows us to be grounded, supportive and protective of ourselves and others.
  • Earth blocks water, and so when it is out of balance it can lead to stagnation, hoarding, and inert behavior as well as being ungrounded and unable to maintain relationships, being overly worried and acting in an ingratiating manner.
  • It is needed when we wish to be nurturing without being overprotective, when we wish to be practical, industrious, and develop empathy.
  • It is reflected in one’s environment by anything that is enclosed – an armchair or built in shelves, velvet fabric and earth materials. It is enhanced by adding bright colors and objects that represent fire, and it is tempered by wooden objects and green colors to your environment.

Metal: Organized & Clear

  • The metal element personality offers the ability to organize objects, tasks, and experiences in a structure or set of rules. Metal is disciplined, strong, precise and discerning.
  • When metal is out of balance it can be abrasive, controlling, self-absorbed and rigidly ritualistic. It can also lead to one’s feeling insecure, sloppy, and lacking a sense of purpose.
  • It is needed when we need to communicate clearly, to be discerning, calm and disciplined when the task at hand require boundaries, order and management.
  • It is reflected in one’s environment by metal objects, frames, organizational units, wind chimes, and even hooks. It is enhanced by adding earthen objects or warm colors and tempered by adding fire elements or bright colors to your environment.

Water: Creative & Mysterious

  • The water element personality is the capacity to be meaningful, insightful, clever and curious. Water allows you to be sensitive, candid, wise and experience the fullness and richness of emotions in a positive way.
  • When water is out of balance it can be indecisive, emotional, and withdrawn and lead to depression or feelings that life is passing you by.
  • It is needed at times when we wish to thoughtfully conceive of something new, when we need to recharge and renew our passions and ourselves.
  • It is reflected in one’s environment by water elements such as fountains and aquariums and dark colors. It is enhanced by the addition of metal or metal objects and clear, crisp colors, and it is tempered by adding earthen objects and warm colors to your environment.