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Point of Attraction

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Your Point of Attraction is the emotional vantage point from which your entire universe is created.

How you feel sets the energy you are “putting out there” and in turn, the energy you are attracting into your life. And from this perspective, you can begin to notice how everything in your environment is a manifestation of your feelings, conscious or unconscious.

Coaching Tips to spark the Law of Attraction:

Consciously set your Point of Attraction and become a deliberate creator with these  tips:

Tip #1: First Impression Inspiration Session

The first thing you see when you enter a room will set your mood and the energy of the room. Select an image that represents not who you used to be, but one that represents the you that you are becoming so that you are inspired when you come in, uplifted by the thoughts and feelings of your achieving your dreams.

Tip #2: Awaken to your new life

That moment in the morning when we first open are eyes is a rebirth of our being on this planet. Launch from this moment by strategically placing your Feng Shui Life Map – vision board of your dreams – such that it is the first thing you see. And spend just a 60-90 seconds going around the board and reminding yourself of the course you are on! If you haven’t created your Life Map yet, place a representation of your goal in your line of sight so that you renew your intention at this key moment.

Tip #3: Align with your Executive Vision

The view you have while sitting at your desk deeply impacts the course of your career. Seriously. Look up from your computer and what do you see? Do you see a vast oasis of unlimited expansion or a brick wall or the plush fabric of a cubical wall? Ideally, you can set your desk so that you can command that maximum view of the room, in leu of this, place an image with a depth perspective so that you energetically feel as though you are looking out over a vista as grand as the whole horizon.

Tip #4: Shift your Circle

We become the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with! Shift your point of attraction by aligning yourself with people of like mind … or of like the mind you wish to have! Find a new group to visit and possibly join to expose you to the higher level of life you desire.

Tip #5: Expand your Dinner Table

What do you focus upon while you are eating? The energy you are putting out there during consuming food affects the food’s ability to nourish and feed you. Do you eat at your desk or keep your computer on your table while eating? You’re literally eating your work! Take a moment to up-level your dining area to direct your focus on soothing, nurturing feelings.

Become a Deliberate Creator:

Ready to align yourself and tune into the life of your dreams? Coaching will allow you to release resistance, to know exactly what you desire and exactly what the next steps are, and to set the course to manifesting your dream life.

Alignment begins when your thoughts and feelings align with your intentions and are then reflected, supported and reinforced by your environment. Big things happen with just little changes. Contact me to find out more!

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“He changed my life!” – Dana F.

“He changed my life!” – Dana F.

Dana F: 

Salvatore is EXCEPTIONAL at what he does.  In one afternoon, less than 4 hours to be exact, he went through every inch of my house and changed my life.  Working with what I already had, he literally created a home where I feel amazing and hopeful and that what I dream of is not only possible but easy to achieve. Things I have complained about for TEN years-gone in minutes. I cannot recommend him highly enough.  Do yourself the greatest favor by contacting him NOW!

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Work Life Balance

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The Elusive “Work-Life Balance”

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Secrets to Vision Boarding

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Having taught, written, and practiced Vision Boarding over the decades, I’ve learned secrets that separate successful vision boards from those that are just pretty images.

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The Success Momentum

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