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Red Door

red doorFeng Shui Red Door!

Should you paint your front door red? 

It’s often the first question during a home consultation and surprisingly, the answer is not always, “Yes!” A red front door is auspicious for the majority of homes, but not at all positive for a small percentage of others.

The front door of your home is the entry point for all the energy coming into your life. There are volumes written about the benefits of dressing up your entryway to invite in the prosperity and abundance, and the most striking invitation is to paint your door red.

Before you grab the paint-brush, consider:


The Color Red

Red is a powerful color! Red represents the element of fire and promotes expression, attention, and both destruction and creation. Red draws attention and with it brings in more opportunities for us.

The color was of a pigment that was hard to find in the old days, and often limited to royalty, and those of wealth and power.

Many Chinese paint a fresh coat of red on their door right before the Chinese New Year to increase their openness to this time of transition. Chinese consider red to be lucky and sacred with traditional rituals using red, such as the Red Envelope tradition.

The color red harnesses the energy of the sun – bringing the potential of warmth, life and joy as well as the potential for blinding, burning and repulsion.


To Paint or Not to Paint

While it’s good to open up to increased energies and inviting them in, some red doors repel these energies. This may be appropriate in some situations but an unfortunate consequence if by mistake.

Paint your door red if:

  • Your door is not visible from the street – if it is on the side of the house, blocked by an entry gate or hidden by a myriad of different things such as shrubs.
  • Your door is a good distance from the street – if I have to climb a flight or more of stairs, the red door creates inspiration to give me a boost up.
  • Your door is “lost” in the design of the house – if your house is such that upon a simple glance, it is not immediately obvious which area/portico to head towards to enter, by all means, paint the door red.

You may not need to paint your door red if:

  • Your door is already clearly visible and obvious to the casual observer passing by, the question becomes how much energy do you want? A bright color or red here can easily invite in too much energy, and if you are struggling, you may invite in more struggle.
  • If a red door creates a stop sign! Test in photoshop to see if a red door creates the feeling of a “stay back”! If so, avoid it!
  • If your house is red or roof is red. Adding more fire to the house on the door may be the match that led to burn out!


Not just Red!

Any bright color creates the affect of inviting in more just as painting your door red. So you could paint your door a bright blue, a “have a nice day” yellow, or construction cone orange and get similar energetic benefits as a red door.  And if fire engine red is too much, try a muted red or a brighter earth color.


Happy Entry!


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