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Secret Power of the Red Envelope

As you give, so shall you receive!

You can magnetically draw more abundance into your life whenever you are in the act of paying for something by doing it intentionally and with gratitude.

The process is simple. Check the way you feel and give with the intention of conscious gratitude and you’ll create energetic boomerang that will bring abundance swinging back into your life.

In Feng Shui, this practice is achieved through the ancient tradition of the Red Envelope.


The Red Envelope

In Chinese tradition, red envelopes are used to create a powerful exchange. Red envelopes filled with money are given in times of festivities such as weddings, birthdays and the Chinese New Year. And it is worth noting that receiving a red envelope is considered lucky for both the giver and the receiver.

They color red is chosen because it represents life force, fortune, positivity, power, courage and strength, and the rectangular shape of the envelope represents a shield. Together, the red envelope creates a powerful tool to diffuse negative energy, honor both parties in the exchange, and set the intention for the highest possible results.


Feng Shui & the Red Envelope

In the practice of Feng Shui, any time advice is offered, it is customary for the receiver of the information to present a monetary gift in a red envelope. The history of this exchange is steeped in culture and the particulars vary within different schools of Feng Shui.

Since I practice the Westernized (BTB) form of Feng Shui, whenever I perform a Feng Shui consultation, I bring a red envelope for my client to use when presenting a gift to me in return so as to honor this tradition. I then sleep with the envelope under my bed intentionally offering positivity to those who shared in the experience with me, and in the morning remove the offering and save the envelope to be burned on an auspicious day.

There are some consultants who request a number of red envelopes – 1, 9, 27, or even 108 – with each envelope containing an equal amount. The idea is the same – keep the energy moving and create an exchange which will ensure the flow of abundance will continue and expand.


Giving Feng Shui Thanks in the Western World

Although we do not give red envelopes in Western culture, there are number of possibilities for a conscious, intentional offering of thanks:

Five Feng Shui Abundance Boomerang Strategies

  • Write a short “thank you” in the Memo field of each check you write, whether it is to your child’s school or to the gas & electric company.
  • When signing a credit card bill, take the opportunity to write a personal note of gratitude below the signature line.
  • If you do auto-pay on-line, write in the note field something that personalizes your appreciation.
  • Set a goal of writing 1 thank you note each month to someone who has helped you – you can even make a game of personalizing the envelope, the address, the return address, and the stamp.
  • You can even create a huge miracle in your life when you are sending your payment to the IRS or the department of parking enforcement by taking a moment before writing out such payments to find even the smallest place in your heart that feels grateful.


A Life of Bliss

Consider how you feel when you receive a sincere thank you – from a post-it note on your desk to a child’s colorful drawing. You can expand that feeling of joy into a lifetime of bliss by consciously choosing your attitude and the manner in which you express yourself the next time you pay for something.

Start by giving yourself a red envelope of thanks and go from there!

One Response to Secret Power of the Red Envelope

“Success! A job manifested!” – Svetlana M

“Success! A job manifested!” – Svetlana M

Svetlana M:

“Success! A job manifested for my partner just a week after your consultation!”

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