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Give Cupid the Day Off!

cupidlargeFeng Shui tips for Love & Romance

He’s worked hard for eons, so this time, give cupid the year off and spark up your love life on your own with Feng Shui!

Feng Shui is the art of living in harmony with the energy around us. What better way to support being in harmony than in our intimate and loving relationships?  Valentine’s Day keeps cupid working over-time, so I would love to share with you some Feng Shui tips and insights on creating love, romance and passion in your life.


Love & Partnership Feng Shui Life Area

The area of your space (your room, home, office) that is furthest from the entrance and in the right hand corner is the Love & Partnership Life Area. Take a moment to imagine this area now or go there literally and take a quick assessment. What is there? What is there that is reinforcing the intentions you have for your love life?

As a quick energy boost, make a point of buying some fresh flowers, a new plant or something that visually says “fresh” today and add it to this area.

In addition to the Life Area on the Bagua… let’s take a look at the room associated with our relationships – the Bedroom.


The Bedroom

The bedroom reflects our love life in conscious and unconscious ways – both our current situation as well as our hopes. What’s under the bed? Any left-over artifacts from past loves lingering here? Do you feel comfortable, happy, cozy when you are in your bedroom? Let’s discuss a few Feng Shui tips for harmonizing your love energy by adjusting your bedroom:

  1. Clean the bedroom! Sounds silly, but leaving laundry, paperwork and other such items around clog your romance.
  2. Create equality and invite a balanced love life by having equal height side tables, lamps and space on either side of the bed. Two of each!
  3. Remove anything that doesn’t support a loving relationship from the bed/bedroom area – items such as your backpack, purse, briefcase, mail, newspapers… all distract, confuse, and deter love energy.
  4. Two’s! Use imagery that promotes unions – a portrait of a single person, flower, or picture all promote “single,” whereas a portrait of a couple, two items (intertwined!!!), pairs of candles or other items all promote “couple.”
  5. Avoid distractions such as TV’s or computers or desks. Ideally these would be closed away in a cabinet or covered when not in use.


Spark the Passion

To ignite some passion and romance into the relationship, Feng Shui has lots of advice! With all respect to the adventurous, I suggest adding elements slowly to avoid a wild swing in your love life!

  1. Pink is the color of love – so adding anything pink will promote love. Pink is created with the passion of red combined with the creative energy of white. A balance creates loving love love. While I love red, and red promotes passion, out of balance with other colors in the room may “burn out” the passion. Add red like a spicy seasoning to a dish. Some like it hot, just be sure the heat can be turned down when it needs to be.
  2. Candles promote love both by creating warm lighting and by adding actual flame to the space. Keep candles in pairs to again reinforce the idea of a union.
  3. Scents are particular to each person, but generally Lavender and Jasmine promote amorous feelings.
  4. Round and rounded items promote a more sensual feeling more than square or linear, which promotes structure. Both are necessary. In order to promote intimacy on every level, think “soft” and “gentle” when selecting items for your space.

Create your ideal love life! First, start with your intention. What do you desire in your relationship? Create a reflection of that intention in your space. Once intention is set and reflected, you are on your way and can boost energy using these Feng Shui romance tips.

Much Love… and happy hearts day!


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“It’s like he reads your mind and your soul!” Hanga S.

“It’s like he reads your mind and your soul!” Hanga S.

Hanga S.:

“Salvatore is really great at what he does.He’s VERY professional, authentic and inspiring. A wonderful teacher and human being…!!! It’s a very good experience to work with him and also lots of fun, you’ll see:)

I was looking for a consultant and I felt lost seeing all the options on the Internet. I came across Salvatore’s website and I really liked the way he presented himself. I read some of his articles, listened to him talking in an interview and learned about his book… and I knew exactly that I wanted to make an appointment with HIM.

He’s truly dedicated and passionate about helping and assisting.He spent hours with me going through all the little details in my apartment that needed to be Feng Shui’d. I had a huge resistance to rearranging my office but based on his recommendations I eventually did all the necessary changes as my primary focus was studying and starting a new career.

It was amazing what an unbelievably powerful sequence of events started to be happening within a month. It felt I was being guided by a million little signs and “helpful people” came to my life,teaching and showing me the way into this new direction. Feng Shui is super powerful when you’re willing to change and grow.

I feel truly grateful to Salvatore as he inspired and motivated me during my whole process of change. I found it extremely helpful that I could e-mail him my questions and he answered me with such expertise and enthusiasm that it always helped me take the next step forward. Feng Shui triggered a huge transformation in my life that was difficult to handle by myself.

When I heard about Salvatore’s  life alignment coaching I asked for his help. As he “witnessed” and assisted with my whole progression I felt very comfortable and at ease with him to share my plans, goals and dreams. Salvatore is VERY intuitive, it feels like he reads your mind and soul. His ability and talent to guide you with humility and integrity is exceptional.

I recommend him from my whole heart!”

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