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My intention is to create the very best individual and shared spaces possible. With that intention, a portion of all proceeds go to support a personal passion and global treasure, our Redwood Forests. Join me in supporting through The Save the Redwoods League.

Save the Redwoods League:

If you’ve ever stood in a redwood forest, you can appreciate the majesty of these giants. They connect us with our past, with some of them having lived over 2000 years! They connect us with our future, providing sacred space for the rejuvenation of our planet. And they provide a resounding presence to our present.

In an effort to protect and restore our planet, our home, I’ve made a life-long commitment to supporting the Redwoods.

Save the Redwoods League has been protecting redwood lands for nearly 100 years. They’re the only organization with the type of comprehensive approach needed to ensure that forests that take one thousand years to grow will be here for another thousand years.

Join to Keep your Chi Moving!