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Winter Solstice


The Winter Solstice brings us the longest night and as such, a time for contemplation, meditation and going within. It is also a time of celebration as the sun is being “reborn” with the light increasing a little more each day. The duality of internal, quiet reflection and joyous, communal celebration is yin and yang at its best.


Feng Shui Tips for the Winter Solstice:

  • Reflect – A full-length mirror, ideally positioned near the entrance of a room, allows a moment’s reflection. Take time to lovingly assess yourself and acknowledge where you are and where you wish to go before crossing the threshold.
  • Snuggle – Keep a few extra throw blankets around and use table cloths to cover hard surfaces to generate a feeling of warmth throughout the home. Winter is an ideal time to break normal hectic routines and spend time wrapped up in coziness, especially by the fire.
  • Light – Coming home to a dark house can be disquieting, but if you have a few lamps on timers you get to enter to a warm glow. And there’s no better time of year to light a candle or two. It quiets the mind and celebrates the end of the darkness and beginning of light that is the Winter Solstice.
  • Flow – A water fountain is the must have item for the season! Not only does does it create a soothing feeling and encourage the release of stress, it inspires the flow of ideas, ignites abundance, and on a practically level, adds moisture during the dry winter months to improve your health.
  •  Rest – Long dark winter nights give us the opportunity to relax and restore. Spoil yourself with new, soft bed linens and give yourself permission to go to bed early.

Wishing everyone a peaceful and joyous holiday season and most amazing New Year!

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“Success! A job manifested!” – Svetlana M

“Success! A job manifested!” – Svetlana M

Svetlana M:

“Success! A job manifested for my partner just a week after your consultation!”

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