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Something’s afoot! Tips for Shoes at Front Door

pile of shoesWhile it is easily understood why we don’t want to wear shoes inside, there are some things to keep in mind to ensure you’re not causing the energy at the front entrance to drag its feet!

Check out these 5 Feng Shui tips for ensuring you’re putting your best foot forward at your front door!


Feng Shui & Your Entryway

The front door of your space is considered the “mouth of chi.” It is where all the life giving energies enter your space, and the way it is kept is a reflection of how energies enter into your life.

For this reason, Feng Shui places a great deal of emphasis on maintaining a clear path to the door, a door that is visible from the street (or painted brightly to attract attention otherwise), and a door that opens easily, fully and immediately into an inviting environment.


“We are a shoe-free household” 

Many people wisely place a sign above their front door to announce to visitors and prepare them to take off their shoes before entering.

Taking shoes off before entering requires cooperation from your guest and because you are asking the guest (think “universal life force giving energy”) to do something, you want to make it as easy as possible.

Tip #1: Have a stool or chair or bench available for your guest to sit down and remove their shoes and easily put them back on when they leave.

Tip #2: Keep the shoes organized! This is essential! Think of how you feel when you approach a pile of shoes at someone’s entryway, you feel crowded and unwelcome immediately! Shoe racks are a great solution – or even a bench with shoes placed below will keep the energy flowing happily.  Do make certain the rack/bench does not block the doorway.

Tip #3: Only keep shoes out that you or your family use regularly. The front door is not a storage location! And on that note, if you have hard wood floors or it’s cold, and offer slippers to your guests, storing these at the entrance can cause clutter, so keep out only those which you will be using.

Tip #4: Clean the area thoroughly and regularly. This is a place where you are literally leave the day behind you, so it’s important the energy you wish to shake off not cling to you and your desire to move forward!

Tip #5: Add some sweet smells! With shoe odors at the front door, wind can bring in and scent the room like a puff of perfume! Consider keeping the shoes in a cedar shelf, or place pleasant smelling fragrances around the area.

Welcome yourself home by taking your shoes off before you enter also and give yourself that cozy, warm and welcoming feeling of being barefoot.

And be sure to keep your Money Frog happy by keeping his head above the pool of shoes! Check out my article on the Feng Shui Money Frog for more information!


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“Intuitive and ‘got’ what I was aiming for!” – Nayer K

“Intuitive and ‘got’ what I was aiming for!” – Nayer K

Nayer K: 

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He’s very intuitive and “got” right away what I was aiming for–that was huge. He’s also been consistently available for advice as I continue to make changes, and has a stellar memory of every inch of my space.
Every area of my life that he asked me to describe in my goals is shifting positively right along with the physical changes. WooHoo!!!
If you’re reading this review and considering a consultation, go for it. Enjoy the space and life of your dreams!

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