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“The most effective way to Inform, Influence, and Inspire is Public Speaking.”


 “So enlightening, enriching, illuminating, and invaluable.
Your presentation was brilliant!
” – Jill Henderson

Since his first Toastmaster’s course in his teens, Salvatore has been taking stages locally and globally on topics that motivate and inspire. A featured key-note speaker, facilitator, and team building activities master, Salvatore will positively impact the lives of your participants, build cohesion in your organization, and inspire reaching your potential by living your purpose.

Salvatore is honored to be a Communication Coach & Trainer with Magnetic Speaking. He regularly teaches Impromptu, Wednesday 8:30am one-hour Training Classes, and works with many executives and professionals to improve their Public Speaking & Presentation Skills.

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With 30 Year’s experience in Public Speaking,
Salvatore will light up your stage
and bring your event to life!

Keynote Topics:

DESK FOR SUCCESS – Keys to Energizing your Office Space

Your environment is impacting your ability to advance in your career and business.

In this presentation, adjustable from 30-90 minutes, we explore how an office space helps or hinders your ability to excel in your career. With a few small changes, your office can be energized, shifting the way you think, feel and operate. Key points:

  • Unexpected impacts from your office environment, both big and small.
  • Using of inspiration points to build and sustain momentum.
  • Challenges and strategies for managing clutter and organization.
  • Tools for targeting and building clientele.


FENG SHUI FOR REALTORS – Empowering Partnership

This empowering presentation offers tools for those serving the needs of home buyers, sellers and owners. Adjustable in length from 30-90 minutes. Participants will be able to address their client’s questions, structural challenges and energize a property to sell faster or suit their clients desires. Key points:


  • Brief overview of Feng Shui and how it is usually practiced.
  • Basic concepts clients privy to Feng Shui want to hear about.
  • Common challenges properties have and how to address them.
  • Proven techniques to help speed up the sale of a unit.
  • Q&A


VISUALIZE IT: The Power of White Space & Creativity

In this inspiring and popular presentation on the science and art of visualization and how your everyday environment is impacting you life vision, Salvatore shares the dynamics of how to shift one’s mindset and go from stagnation to success. He’ll share:

  • 3 proven techniques for visualization.
  • Cultivating one’s vision daily to create life changes, and using “on the spot” sessions to boost success at big events.
  • Neuroscience and strategies for putting on’s brain on autopilot towards success.
  • Accessing inspirations points in one’s environment to re-enforce one’s vision.


LIFE MAPPING: Stop Setting Goals and Start Living Them!

A sought-after mentor and expert in goal setting, Salvatore shares his 5-step technique for creating a solid foundation of intention as the pre-cursor to proven goal setting. He’ll share:

  • His bold 5-step goal-foundation technique: CLEAR (Conviction, Longing, Embrace, Aligned, Reflected).
  • The keys to removing non-integrated thinking and one’s personal resistance to success.
  • Taking the SMART goal structure to a whole new level.
  • The art of Kaizan – the Japanese art of continuous progress, or taking the smallest next step.



Some of what clients have said:

“Your Visualization presentation was a success thanks in great part to your careful explanation of expectations and tips to ensure success!” – Brian Goodell

I highly recommend Life Mapping. It is a great opportunity to clarify your goals and learn how your intentions create your reality” – Paula Dragosh

“Your Desk for Success presentation really opened up my eyes as to what is around me and what I surround myself with.” – Ginger Williamson

“I like his perspective because it gives me a way to organize everything I want to manifest… particularly reguarding breaking down what is holding me back/doubts/fears, and creating new values/beliefs.” – Michael Anton


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