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Do you have the Time?

clockAs a kid, one of the things I loved best about visiting my grandparents house was the “Grandfather Clock” – watching granddad use the key to wind it and anxiously waiting for the top of the hour to hear the elaborate bell sequence it played.

My grandfather’s “Grandfather Clock” started somewhat of an obsession with clocks and time pieces for me, and even prompted a life-long hobby of my collecting antique pocket watches.

Feng Shui and the Power of Time

Time pieces are influential tools in our everyday life. We can be sitting there, perfectly at peace with what we are doing and look up to see the clock and jump with a start, “I’m late… OMG, I didn’t realize what time it was…”

While clocks are meant to assist us with keeping track of our day, they can inadvertently become task masters if they are placed improperly in your space.

5 Feng Shui tips to Make the Most of Time

  1. Set all clocks to the correct time! Having clocks in your space that read different times will always keep you unconsciously catching up or lagging behind.
  2. Make sure all clocks are working! I know a number of people who keep a clock long after it is broken simply because it is beautiful. Alas, broken clock = broken time.
  3. Convenient not prominent!  When placed as the most predominant object in a room, clocks will give the feeling of being “on the clock”.
  4. First thing you see when you enter… if your clock is the first thing you see when you enter a room, you are bound to feel controlled by time.
  5. Partners – synchronize your watches and your clocks! If you have separate nightstand clocks, be certain they are set to the same time, otherwise you’ll never feel like you’re in the same time zone!

Two Bonus Power tips:

There’s no Time like the Present

If you feel as though you “never have enough time” to do the things you want, the best way to alter that perception is to take time to meditate in the mornings: 5-10-20 minutes of watching your breath and being present will calm the mind and give you space to enjoy the rest of your day.

Just a Second

Taking one second today to show gratitude and joy to the elements in your environment will imbue them with a vibrancy that will resonant and give back to you a sense of peace and happiness when you are in your space.


Time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted time. – Marthe Troly-Curtin



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“Huge difference in how I feel in my space!” – Rachel A

“Huge difference in how I feel in my space!” – Rachel A

Rachel A:

Salvatore is amazing!! I have attended 2 of his workshops on Feng Shui Life Mapping and he has come and feng shui’d my home.  The several small changes in my home he suggested – have made huge differences in how I feel in my space, and in my life, and what I have been wanting and am now creating.  Thank you Salvatore!  You brought fresh air into my life!!

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