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Feng Shui Treasure Box

treasureWhat’s that under your bed???

When we lay in our beds and sleep, we are opening up our unconscious, and absorbing the energies around us, especially those upon which we are resting.  This is the reason why in Feng Shui, we do not encourage having anything under the bed.

Ideally, the space beneath a bed is open to allow the energy to flow and circulate evenly all around our bodies at night. You can imagine that having a bunch of items that you are no longer using under your bed will filter in that blasé energy into your unconscious as you sleep – not such a great idea!

The one exception to the “nothing under the bed” rule of Feng Shui is when you are using what is called the Treasure Box – sometimes referred to as a miracle box or wish box. It is a specific tool for setting intention and opening our unconscious to the possibilities of those intentions being made manifest.

So let’s look at how to create your own Treasure Box including what to put in it, and where to place it, and how often to work with it.


Feng Shui of the ‘Box’

The first consideration is what kind of a box to get.  Quality is important as the quality is going to cause a higher or lower energetically vibration. Hint: go for the best quality!

The shape and whether or not it closes will also affect the energy. A box that seals tightly is going to represent a more secure and stabilizing energy for the wishes you place inside while an open-topped box or bowl will have a more “open” and “receiving” energy. Both are equally perfect, it just depends upon what it is that you wish to manifest.

Next, look at the material of the box:

  • Wood is grounding as well as holding the energy of action and growth.
  • Fancy trimmed or jewel-encrusted  boxes will amplify the feeling of abundance
  • Clear glass or other such materials will encourage the energy of “clarity”
  • Woven baskets or boxes have a natural movement and encourage flexibility
  • And earthen or ceramic containers will have a nurturing and supportive energy


Your Wishes & Treasures

Before placing anything in your box, ask yourself, “What truly makes me happy?” The idea then is to find objects to represent those happy feelings. Additionally, you can pick objects to encourage a specific reality being manifest in your life:

  • To have more time, consider putting a watch or stopwatch in the box.
  • To gain more flexibility, place something stretchy in your box.
  • To bring in more finances, collect various denominations of dollar bills. Avoid putting a bunch of “spare change” as that might be what you end up with more of. You can even put a check for the dollar amount that you need for some specific purpose.
  • Create harmony in your life by putting something with rainbows on it as rainbows represent the harmony of all the colors.
  • For more sensuality in your life, place fragrance, candles, or massage creams.
  • For more energy in your life, perhaps place a rechargeable battery in there!
  • Or to gain more peace, include an object that represents your individual meditation practice.

The idea again is to find a metaphoric object to represent your intention and place it in your Treasure Box.


Feng Shui Placement of the Box

While the energetic benefits of your Treasure Box will be felt no matter where you place it under your bed, the best place is just below your navel while you are laying down. In this way, you are being deliberately fed and nourished by the energy within the box – like a mother feeding it’s fetus through a umbilical chord.


Revisit and Refresh

Your Treasure Box needs to be “Revisited and Refreshed” every three months. Think of it as going with the natural cycles of the earth’s moving around the sun, and at the solstices and equinoxes, you can pull it out and see what  and how things have manifested from the objects you placed in there… and learn from the experience how to be more or less specific in order to gain what you wish out of life.


Have fun with your Treasure Box! And if anyone tells you it’s “bad” Feng Shui to have anything under the bed, you can now tell them, there is an exception to that rule!!!




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“He changed my life!” – Dana F.

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