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Expert Goal Formula: What Why How & First

2018 holds the possibility of being better than any other year!  

A great way to ensure your intentions are realized is to follow a method I use and call the “What, Why, How and First Formula.”

What: Write down in as few words as possible what it is you want to be, do or have. Be specific. The more specific, the more likely you’ll make it happen.

Why: Spend time contemplating all the reasons you wish to have this new reality. You’ll probably need to come up with at least 5 reasons, but there is ONE that really drives your desire. Hold on to that WHY, it is the KEY to your success. 

How: Write down 1 to 3 ways in which that goal could happen. Perhaps you need to take a class, or get up early, or find an accountability partner. How are you going to make that goal happen? 

First: The final step is to come up with ONE first step. What is the FIRST thing you can do towards making that dream happen, and by what date will you do it? The first step may be just to make a list of things you have to do! The point here is to break down the How into achievable steps and take at least one small step towards your goal every week. 

Good luck y’all. Wishing you the best year ever! 

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“A revolution is here, our revolution, and it is shining a light on what we’ve known deep down for a long time — you are capable of making a difference, of being bold, and of changing more than you are willing to admit. You are capable of making art.”– #SethGodin #Redwoods #Hiking #vortex #appreciation (at… Continue Reading

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Learning today to stop and take in the #wonder all around me, rather than trying to mentally figure it all out and get it all done. #breathe #vortex #hiking #redwoods Continue Reading

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Spiral staircases are corkscrews in your dwelling that can drive energy down. Slow energy from spiraling by adding up lighting or landscape artwork. #fengshui #spiralstair Continue Reading

Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance

Five principles to help you create the Work-Life Balance you want.

This year, I had to make my way back from burn-out. I was working too much and living too little. I set out to shift my life and came up with five principles of a Work-Life Balance. This Fall has become the season of “More Being and Less Doing”!

The Elusive “Work-Life Balance”

It is a stand-out goal for most, and yet, the concept of a work-life balance is still vague at best. Part of that is in it’s uniqueness to each individual, and part of that is the difficulty of quantifying what it means. Continue Reading

Every object in your space is a metaphorical bridge to your future. What you see and feel now in your space is what you are bringing more of into your life. #vortex #lawofattraction #fengshui Continue Reading

Secrets to Vision Boarding

Secrets to Vision Boarding

In 1992 I created a collage of images that inspired me. Immediately, things started shifting in my life that were inexplicably synched up to that collage, and the shifts continued unfolding for years. My accidental discovery of the art Vision Boarding sparked a thirst for just how it is that we can create and turn dreams into reality.

Having taught, written, and practiced Vision Boarding over the decades, I’ve learned secrets that separate successful vision boards from those that are just pretty images. Continue Reading

The Success Momentum

The Success Momentum

Ready to Dream Big?

As we set out our hopes for the New Year, there are a number of ways to seize the momentum and ensure we success in 2016. If we’re serious about making changes this year, we have to change the usual way we pursue it!
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“You will be pleased!” – Marcella R

“You will be pleased!” – Marcella R

Marcella R:

Salvatore is amazing. We just rented a new space and were trying to figure how to make the most use with it. Salvatore is wonderfully balanced addressing the practical components while taking in our desires and inspirations. It was great to see the two needs being blended.  We are so happy we had his consultation. I highly recommend that you work with him for your home and office. You will be pleased!!!!!

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