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Expert Goal Formula: What Why How & First 2018 holds the possibility of being better than any other year!   A great way to ensure your intentions are realized is to follow a method I use and call the “What, Why, How and First Formula.” What: Write down in as few words as possible what it is… Continue reading →

“A revolution is here, our revolution, and it is shining a light on what we’ve known deep down for a long time — you are capable of making a difference, of being bold, and of changing more than you are willing to admit. You are capable of making art.”– #SethGodin #Redwoods #Hiking #vortex #appreciation (at… Continue reading →

Honored to be featured on the Do What You Love site! Check out the full article at: was originally published on Salvatore Manzi Continue reading →

What can I do? After the shock and anger has worn off, as has my denial that so many were needlessly slaughtered in #Orlando, I am left in the state of negotiation. What can I do? I’ll do almost anything to make this better. I had just gotten to the gym when I heard the… Continue reading →

The #CenturyPlant as seen at the #SFBotanicalGardens. One of my favorite species, Century Plant got its name by mistake. Brought to England from the Caribbean after exploration of the region, the plant was put in a pot and housed in a warm conservatory. 100 years later it bloomed. The phallic stems can grow inches in… Continue reading →

Fire Monkey!!! Chinese New Year begins February 8th, 2016. This is the year we welcome in the FIRE MONKEY! Prepare for life to get a little nutty!  The Fire Monkey portends a time in our lives where there will be a lot of quick and dramatic movements from one place to another, a year where… Continue reading →

Loneliness “When you feel lonely, ask the feeling what it is trying to tell you?” – Sivan Garr Loneliness has been my biggest struggle in life. My fear of facing the feeling drove me to all sorts of distractions both healthy and, more frequently, not so. It wasn’t until my friend suggested I stop running… Continue reading →

The One Goal Appreciation Challenge I believe life is a treasure hunt, and that we consciously or unconsciously are engaged in the hunt at all times.  If I focus on finding positive things in my life, there suddenly seems to be more and more positive things in my life. Sometimes I have to discipline myself… Continue reading →

Transparency This week, I’ve been struck by the many ways in which I hide my true feelings from others; the many ways I hide my true self from others. Ironically, every time I open up and “reveal” myself, I feel stronger, more capable, more … connected. The desire to have people accept me, like me,… Continue reading →

Learning today to stop and take in the #wonder all around me, rather than trying to mentally figure it all out and get it all done. #breathe #vortex #hiking #redwoods Continue reading →

20 years ago, on a walk, I found this beautiful building, the #CaselliMansion. I stopped in front and prayed that one day I could have a place there. Today, I am moving into my new studio on the ground floor of the 1871 mansion. Some #dreams take time. Savoring a dream come true! #vortex #dreamscometrue Continue reading →

Today I recognize that the urgency I feel to get things done does not affect the natural manifestation of those things. Having set my intention, I can move forward with confidence of my desire being manifest without all the wasted energy lost in worry and urgency. #heathceramics #flow #vortex Continue reading →

Spiral staircases are corkscrews in your dwelling that can drive energy down. Slow energy from spiraling by adding up lighting or landscape artwork. #fengshui #spiralstair Continue reading →

Every object in your space is a metaphorical bridge to your future. What you see and feel now in your space is what you are bringing more of into your life. #vortex #lawofattraction #fengshui Continue reading →