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Up Against the Wall – Feng Shui Wall Tricks


When we observe the  in our lives, we become the masters of our lives!Is there a place in your life where you feel like your “up against a wall”, like your options are limited, or that someone or something else is restricting you from excelling in work, love, life?

Your space is a reflection of your life (your past, your present and the future you are creating) and so there will be an area in your home or office that is mirroring this “stuck” feeling, oftentimes in the form of a desk, bed or dining table pushed up against a wall.


The Feng Shui of being “Up Against a Wall”

A wall offers support, foundation, and grounding, which is beneficial. However, objects crowded up against a wall may lead to restriction.

When you are experiencing the feeling of being “stuck”, it is a sign that the natural flow of life’s energy is being constricted, like a fallen branch damming a river.

Ideally, energy flows evenly and equally around a space and around the objects in the space.


Desk Feng Shui and ‘the’ Wall

I had a client who had complained that her boss didn’t allow her any latitude in her job, that she felt on-guard and sort of “cornered” – her words!! Interestingly, when we looked at her desk, it was up against the wall and in the corner! An exact mirror.

Ideally, a desk sits such that the worker’s back is to a solid wall and faces out into the room so that s/he can gain perspective of expansive possibilities.

A desk facing a wall limits “perspective” for the worker, and if this is the only position to have your desk, place a picture that has a depth perspective in front of you to open your viewpoint back up.

When art isn’t possible, add ‘movement’ to your desk in the form of a small fish bowl or water fountain and be certain that you have a reflective surface such as a small mirror if you have your back to the door.


Dining Table Feng Shui and ‘the’ Wall

Ideally, a dining table is round and positioned in a way that allows equal access all the way around to promote equality among all the diners, good conversation, and healthy energy to feed the dinning experience.

A square or rectangular table against a wall or counter creates a pooling of energy and claustrophobic feeling for those seating “inside” the “booth”…  which limits the flow of conversation and dampens the positive and nourishing energy for the food.

If the table must go against the wall, blend the table into the wall by continuing the table’s woodgrain, pattern, color or even table cloth pattern up the wall AND be certain there is plenty of room for those on the inside to exit without making everyone move.

For more information on dining tables, check out my article, Nights at the Round Table.


Bed Feng Shui and ‘the’ Wall

Having the headboard up against a wall promotes stability in a relationship, but having the side of the bed against the wall restricts the relationship.

In essence this set up will prevent one of the partners from functioning as an equal in the relationship… or… if single, it will restrict the possibility of a new partner flowing easily into your life.

Ideally, the bed is in positioned with equal space on either side. If this isn’t possible, allow at least a little space on the other side, and take turns sleeping on the inside if in a relationship.

For more information on beds, check out my article, Right side of the bed


Feng Shui is all about the Natural Flow

Promoting a healthy and healing space is natural when the flow of energy is generous and equanimous.

Whenever your layout requires you to restrict the flow, you can enhance and hopefully correct any challenges to energy circulation with elements that promotes movement such as chimes, water features, a lava lamp, or any number of kinetic toys.

And when you get the feeling you’re up against a wall, take a moment to witness and recognize how life finds a way to maintain limitless flow – watch a river rolling around boulders, or an ocean slowly wearing down a cliff, or even the rain pouring down and over land, finding a way to flow despite any obstacles – and remember that you too have this power.


May the flow be with you! 






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“bring about positive changes.” ~ Me I.

“bring about positive changes.” ~ Me I.

Me I


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