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Walk on Water Personality

RipplesFlowing with the Feng Shui Water Element in You!

In an effort to understand and work with the energies of life, Feng Shui seeks to create harmony among the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. The Chinese Five Element Theory assists us in organizing our experiences as they relate to these elements. Awareness of what element is most active in our bodies and our spaces during any given situation allows us to understand our own motivation and actions. And it assists in our balancing excess and deficiencies to create the movement we desire in life.

The Feng Shui Water Personality

The water element empowers us to serenely explore the depths of ourselves and our life. Water allows us the power, grace, and agility to face any obstacle, navigate effortlessly down our path and enjoy both the rushing currents of life as well as the stillness of quiet. With water energy, we can be relentless in our pursuits and well thought-out in our decisions.  Water moves without form, quickly filling space from a depth of unlimited possibility.

Water energy feeds the wood element – the ability to break through boundaries and expand and sprout new ideas. Water empowers us to explore the ambiguity and unformed treasures shrouded in obscurity. Water slows us down so we can allow the ideas to gestate and form properly so that once formed, the wood energy can give us the strength to bring it and into life.

Water energy is nurtured by the metal element– the power to categorize and create structure. When we are in need of finding a seemingly hidden solution to our problem, we first need to have the organization power of metal to give us focus, allowing us to discern the situation carefully. Once refined, we can invite the water element to bubble up the solution from the yet-manifest.

The earth element controls water to prevent our getting lost at sea – lost in the depth of emotions and overwhelmed by the vast array of possibilities. When we feel we have started to lose the passion for something, it is a sign of too much water putting out the flame and earth energy can restore our grounding and create balance.

Excess & Deficiencies

The kidneys represent the water element in the body, storing and managing our body’s water level. Too much water and we can become bloated, cold, and lethargic. Too little and we can become brittle, frail and scattered.

Water has the ability to be still or in motion, and in in excess can lead to being water-logged.  If we have too much stillness, we can become disheartened and depressed. We appear self-absorbed, aloof and ungrounded. If we have too much motion, we can become anxious, exhausted by the never-ending need to keep up. We can react impatiently to others, minimizing their issues while spinning our wheels on our own. Stuck in our rut, we struggle with feeling alone and jealous of everyone else’s seemingly easier life.

Without enough water, we dry out. We lose flexibility altogether and feel as though we have nothing more to give or offer to life or others or ourselves. This lends itself to the scarcity mindset, withholding whatever resources we have and offering only the bare minimum as well as blaming others for our lack. We can literally feel cut off from the source. Others may see us as artificial or two-dimensional because we are so afraid of losing what little resources we have left, we avoid genuine relationships and appear flaky.

Balanced Water Energy

Allowing the free flow of abundance in the form of water energy into our lives enables us to remain healthily engaged with life and others.  We find a well to draw from in order to create new ideas and find solutions and have the confidence to carry out those ideas methodically and thoughtfully. Comfortable in the void of the unknown, emotions and inspirations flow naturally and fearlessly. Others value our perspective and feel comfortable around us because we are being authentic.



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“He spent time getting to know me” – Rachel F.

“He spent time getting to know me” – Rachel F.

Rachel F:

It was such a pleasure to work with Salvatore! He combined his sense of humor and creativity to our Feng Shui session. What I really loved was the time he spent getting to know me and really receiving what my desires were for my living space. From there he was able to match my interior inspiration with his concept of flow. Also, once the flow was better established in my house-the rest of life started to match! Work, love, friends, family…you name it. Its all abundant overflow! Thanks Salvatore!

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