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There’s so much to the world of Feng Shui, let me help you get started the easy way!


Understanding Feng Shui

Many people think Feng Shui is either some fancy way to do Interior Design or some Woo-Woo, New-Age methodology to organize and declutter… but Feng Shui is so much more!  

Feng Shui is a mindfulness practice. It is the art of developing awareness of our intention and the deeper beliefs and thoughts driving the life we are living. Our external world becomes a wonderful partner on this journey, mirroring back to us a detailed reflection of our inner journey as witnessed from our individual perspectives. 

Mindfully and intentionally curating our rooms and spaces allows us to strategically direct our attention, our energy and our life towards our highest aspirations.

Everything about your bedroom is reflection some aspect of your love life. Balance is the key.


Everything in your space is a reflection of you: who you are, who you were, and who you will be. The color, the layout, even little things in your environment reinforce and send conscious and unconscious reminders about what you think of yourself.

Feng Shui:

Essentially, Feng Shui is about the movement of energy. Everything is energy and everything is in motion. Feng Shui uses the science of movement and the art of placement to increase or decrease the way energy moves through your space, and thus impacting various aspects of your life.

Improve your relationships by intentionally adjusting your bedroom to reflect the relationship you want to be in. Boost the way vitality is moving through your body by adjusting your kitchen. Increase movement in your finances by adjusting your front entrance.


Where to Start!


Front Entrance
Everything about your entrance is reflecting some aspect of your finances and career. Want better finances? Improve your front entrance!

DIY guide to Feng Shui


First: Ask, “What would I most like to see happen in my life?”


Second: Ask, “What is stopping me from having it right now?” Look around your space, what in your space is reflecting that “block”? Get rid of it!


Third: Ask, “What would it take to make my dream happen?” Looking around your space, what can you bring in, move, or change so that your space reflects that thing happening? Do it!


You can start doing Feng Shui immediately and simply in your space by asking what it is that you wish to happen in your life. The clearer you are about what that is, the more clear your intention, the sooner it will become a reality. Get clear!

Once you have a clear intention, it’s time to look at your space. The easiest way is to ask what is stopping you from having that reality right now and then looking to see what in your space is reflecting that block.

This is where we dive into the ubiquitous “clear clutter”! The reality is, you can’t fill a cup that’s already full. Make space for the new!

Once you have the space, find something that evokes the feeling you’ll have when that thing becomes reality. Feeling is the key. Then make that change so your space is a reflection of that thing manifesting thus directing your energy and movement towards that reality.

Feng Shui shazam!


Why Hire a Consultant

You are meant to be living the life of your dreams! Your space is reflecting where you are blocked and there are many things we can do to get the energy moving for you.

Salvatore Manzi
It’s easy to absentmindedly move around our space. We no longer notice the items on the shelf or the images in our photographs. But these things are powerfully influencing our psyche – and the direction of our lives.

You’ll want to find someone you can trust, who can point out the things that you’ve become unconscious of in your home, like the squeaking cabinet door or the light that went out some time ago but you haven’t replace.  You’ll want to work with someone who understand where you are and where you want to go, so that they can point out reflections of what is blocking you even things you may not be eager to see.

While most anyone can lead you through the technical details of Feng Shui (#1 have two nightstands, #2 keep the toilet seat down…), when you work with someone you click with, the more subtle aspects of how energy is moving in your life start to reveal themselves, and with a few adjustments, you are launched into a new life.

If you’d like to make a leap in your life, contact me and let’s set up a time for a consultation.

I’d like to work with you! Check out my reviews on Yelp to get an idea of how I work!


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“bring about positive changes.” ~ Me I.

“bring about positive changes.” ~ Me I.

Me I


Salvatore is simply amazing . He is not only a feng shui guru but has some wonderful and amazing abilities and intutions. He provided suggestions to change things around my home and is helping me sort out some disturbances and conflicts I’m currently facing . He  has a calming personality and is very approachable even post consultation with questions and queries . I would recommended him highly to anyone who is looking to bring about positive changes into their lives and homes .I am yet to make those physical changes in my home based on his suggestions but I’m more than sure that it will only bring in positivity and  everything I was looking for .

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