Leadership Communications

To effectively inspire, build trust and influence, you must be able to communicate a clear vision.

Leadership Communication helps leaders develop effective strategies, build confidence, refine their message, and improve overall communication style to increase engagement, build relationships and unite key stakeholders.

Executive Coaching

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With over a decade of Coaching experience at three global communication firms, Salvatore has helped 100’s of leaders and their teams develop the communications skills they need to successful lead in today’s diverse environments. He has worked with leaders at companies like PwC,Deloitte, Caterpillar, Genentech, Autodesk, Blue Shield, Cisco, WEF, LinkedIn, Dropbox and dozens more.


Salvatore brings 25+ years of Organizational and Leadership development to businesses and associations around the globe. He designs and delivers innovative, customized leadership development programs to strengthen communication, collaboration and innovation. He helps leaders motivate and align their teams, strategically navigate change, resolve conflicts, and create a culture of trust and collaboration. 

Salvatore has had the honor of working in healthcare, biotech, education, insurance and technology at such companies as: Gap, Dropbox, Microsoft, LinkedIn, State Farm, Genentech, CBRE, CISCO and Facebook.

Leadership Communications Training Program

Effective communication is an essential skill for leaders who want to build strong teams and achieve their business objectives. The Leadership Communication Training Program is designed to help leaders and their team develop the skills needed to communicate with influence and impact.

With a variety of techniques and tools to refine message and delivery, enhance presentation skills, and develop storytelling skills, this program teaches how to build rapport, manage difficult conversations, and adapt your communication style to different audiences and contexts.

Delivered online or in-person, participants will receive individual feedback and progress throughout the program to continuously improve communication skills.

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What’s it like to work with Salvatore?

“He helps find realistic, attainable steps that are empowering.  He really listened and helped make sense of all the chaos blocking my progress.”

Jane Heath

“Great energy, great content, and provided such memorable imagery in his speech.”

Sofia Kreiss

“Salvatore is a gift.  He’s a wonderfully intuitive, gracious, patient, kind, supportive, energetic, encouraging, understanding, walking talking ray of sunshine.”

Robyn Stewart

“Personable, passionate, engaging and very thoughtful in how he coaches. he dives deep into concept and is great at giving feedback.”

Stephen Hua

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