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Consciously or unconsciously everything in your environment is impacting the way you think and the way you feel. This drives your behavior and ultimately determines how easily you achieve and succeed.

Mindfully designing your space allows you to direct your attention, energy and life towards your highest aspirations.

Virtual Consultation via Zoom or Skype

You’re spending a lot of time a home now. You’re ready to make some big changes.

For over a decade, I have been offering virtual consultations. Using a floor plan, google earth, photos/videos and having our consultant via Zoom/Skype, we can still bring your dwelling into alignment. 

You deserve to live in a place that uplifts and supports you. Let’s make it happen!

Home Consultations

A Home Consultation uses innovative redesign adjustments to alter your perspective on life. Simple and subtle shifts motivate, inspire and focus you towards your goals.

Our time together includes a thorough assessment of your space to eliminate any negative elements and coming up with a list of enhancement solutions that are in line with your personal design style that will improve flow. Solutions applied within 3-6 weeks will have the greatest impact. It is recommended to have a follow-up session within after 3 months to ensure the changes are working to their maximum benefit.

Office Consultations

Take your organization from “business as usual” to thriving with momentum! A business consultation will energize your team and office to improve morale, boost collaboration, and increase your bottom line.

Today’s work environment offers new opportunities. With over 20 years experience working with small business owners, entrepreneurs and executives, Salvatore offers simple and quick suggestions that will increase employee collaboration and motivation.

A Business Consultation begins with a 30 minute assessment with the office leader. After reviewing the overall team, function and space, Salvatore can conduct brief interviews with each of the team members to assess what works for them as a whole and individually. Next, he’ll analyze space for work-flow and team collaboration. A comprehensive review of how the office is working and can be improved is discussed along with strategies to implement and drive the business forward.

Why hire a Consultant?

As humans, we adapt. Over time, we no longer notice that our space is not supporting our moving us forward because it is so familiar to us. We no longer notice the items on the shelf or the images in our photographs. But these things continue to powerfully impact our psyche – and thus, our lives.

A consultant brings in an objective perspective. You’ll want to find someone who can point out the things that you no longer notice.  You’ll want to work with someone who understands where you are and where you want to go, so they can help redesign your space to direct you towards your aspirations.

There are a lot of technical details of Feng Shui on line, when you work with someone you trust, the more subtle aspects of how energy is moving in your life start to reveal themselves, and with a few adjustments, you can launch forward.

What’s like to work with Salvatore?

“What a pleasure it has been to work with Salvatore!  He has helped with the appearance and feel of my office and helped with team strategy. I highly recommend Salvatore as a trusted consultant “

Laura Peterson

“Salvatore instructed me to clear off the cabinet in the career area and look what happened?!? I got a job and have been going non-stop ever since. And it feels like play! I am so happy!”

Maxine Borchers

“Salvatore helped me with my alternative health care clinic. He arrived and immediately got it. Within a few hours, we’d moved things around, made a list of things to buy/change and the office looked and felt transformed.”

Amelie Mazgoloff

“I like his perspective because it gives me a way to organize everything I want to do… particularly reguarding breaking down what is holding me back/doubts/fears, and creating new values/beliefs.”

Michael Anton

Desk for Success Online Course

Ready to re/launch your career?

This online course, complete with workbook, will help you shift your environment to build momentum and focus. It helps entrepreneurs and business leaders energize their professional and personal lives.

Whether you work in a cubical, a corner office, or your kitchen table, Desk for Success on-line course will energize your professional life. 

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