Salvatore helps leaders increase engagement, deepen relationships and unite stakeholders.

Salvatore Manzi

Salvatore Manzi

Coach & Facilitator

As a certified coach, Salvatore has worked with leaders from nearly all industries over the past 20 years on communications, talent management, team dynamics, as well as cultural and emotional intelligence.


  • Coached two leaders presenting before the United Nations.
  • Coached one Presidential candidate, two mayors and several politicians.
  • Helped a client secure $220m in fundraising, $100m over their goal.
  • Coached a fortune 50 team transitioning from product sales to SaaS.
  • Helped an SVP navigate a 20% workforce reduction (~400 employees).
  • Coached four founders successfully throughY-combinator.
  • Helped over a dozen founders through second & third round funding.

Salvatore has owned six successful businesses, managed teams of 5-150 and mentored over 30 entrepreneurs through their start-up & expansion.

After receiving his degree in Business Communications from the University of Kansas, Salvatore began working in Organizational Development. He has helped leaders at companies like PwC, Deloitte, Caterpillar, Autodesk, BSC, Cisco, WEF and LinkedIn leverage strategy, experience, and creativity to foster more collaborative and productive work environments.

The Path Less Traveled

After receiving his degree in Business Communications from the University of Kansas, Salvatore began working in Organizational Development, helping leaders at organizations like PwC, Deloitte, Genentech, and LinkedIn leverage communications to foster more collaborative, productive work environments.

His leadership path began in following the footsteps of his entrepreneurial father and has been refined through mentorship programs and leadership roles in non-profit organizations such as Sierra Club, SF Botanical Gardens, SFAIDS Foundation, Shanti, and DEI Consultants of SFBay.

The coaches in his life inspired him to become certified as an Executive Coach, and he’s been coaching leaders for the past 20 years through talent management, career transitions, strategic goal realization, and cultural and emotional intelligence building.

After Kansas, he’s lived in 17 cities around the globe developing a deep appreciation for culture and how that impacts an organization. This passion influences his work, with elements of diversity & inclusion integrated into leadership programs, including his facilitating a program at the World Economic Forum.

Currently in Southern California, Salvatore can often be found hiking off-trail in the mountains, volunteering at the animal shelter, and creating experimental flavors in his sorbet machine.

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